Results of our dogs

Exhibition in Stary Oskol, Voronezhskie bogatyrs ABO

September 9th, 2018. Voronezhskie bogatyrs ABO. Exhibition in Stary Oskol. Оur marks: excellent, Sas, Lk. Expert opinion is... [...]

Exhibition of ChRKF in the Orel city

October 15th, 2018. The city of Orel. Exhibition of ChRKF. Voronezhskie bogatyrs Adele – excellent, Sas, Ls,... [...]

Belgorod, the monobreed caucasian shepherd dog show, september 20, 2015

On September 20, 2015 in Belgorod, Russia The Monobreed Caucasian Shepherd Dog Show for PK range took place.  Expert I.L Shvetc. Our female... [...]

Voronezh. Regional exhibition cchf, cac

May 18, 2014 in the town of Eagle was dog-CCHF, CAC. Organizer of the Russian Federation Cynologique “Daimond” Judge Vasiliev O.... [...]

Voronezh, national exhibition cac. September 12-13, 2015

On September 12-13, 2015 we took part in the national exhibition CAC in Voronezh. The judge L. Krakovskaya from Moscow. Our Caucasian Shepherd dog VB... [...]

May 04, 2013 cchf. Cac

Orel. Regional Exhibition CCHF, CAC MAY 04, 2013 in an exhibition Orel rank CCHF, CAC. Organizer RKF OROO OREL Judge Sokolov L (Russia) (male)... [...]

February 17, 2013

Orel. National Dog Show CAC, CCHF February 17, 2013 in the town of Eagle was dog-CCHF, CAC. Organizer of the Russian Federation Cynologique Orel City... [...]

July 15th 2012 in bobrov cchf

Bobrov. Regional Exhibition CCHF, CAC July 15, 2012 in an exhibition Bobrov rank CCHF, CAC. Organizer RKF RFSS Vooo “CFS” Judge L. Mazina... [...]

April 8, 2012 was international dog cacib fci “belyi gorod” russia, the city of belgorod

April 8, 2012 was International dog CACIB FCI “BELYI GOROD” Russia, the city of Belgorod. Champion Class: VB LAVA – 1 excellent,... [...]

February 12th 2011 in lipetsk

February 12th 2011 in Lipetsk the allrussian dogshow of all breeds of rank CAC, ChF “Fevralina” has taken place. The judge of a ring of... [...]

Kursk. Kchk

November 28,2010  Kursk. Specialty Show Caucasian Mountain dogs (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dogs, Sheepdogs, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) Ringside... [...]

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