Admission to the breeding

1. By breeding dogs are allowed, with RKF FCI or membership organizations and exhibition evaluation, usually not less than “very well” (in some cases exceptions may be made a special decision of the tribal committee Canine Organization).

2. Dogs can be used for breeding when they reach physiological maturity:

Females – 18 months;
Males – 18 months;

3. Tribal-producing allowed to breed no more than once a year.

4. The maximum age of breeding females, usually not more than 8 years. Male can be used as a breeding products without further restrictions on age.

5. For domestic Sheepdog (Caucasian, Central, Southern Russia) and for the Moscow watch enough of passing the test. For dogs departmental nurseries, trained at special services required certificate of passing the departmental tests.

Admission to the breeding

You can contact me personally any time with to book a puppy, amount of puppies in the upcoming litter is limited.