Bathing caucasian mountain dog

Bathing is extremely essential for the keeping of a Caucasian Shepherd puppy. It has a wholesome outcome for health and activity of the puppies. It is not recommended to bathe a puppy before the age of 3 months. Start to bathe from the age of 3 or 4 months. This will contribute to the growth and strengthening of the musculature of the dog in general, and the development of the chest muscles – in particular.

Bathing outdoors

Bathing is good in a warm season, when the temperature of water is about 17-18 ° C or higher. Choose a pond with clean, free from pollution water for bathing of the puppy. There must not be any razor objects in water and on the shore or bank.

Do not force your young dog to go into the water. Send the puppy into the water by a command, a game or a gesture, or you can ask him to bring you some object thrown into the water beforehand. Puppies go into the water without fear if they see that their master is swimming, usually a Caucasian Shepherd dog swims towards his owner. Let your dog bathe once a week minimum in summer. Moreover, if the weather is steaming hot, let him bathe several times a day. Morning and evening is the best time to bathe in summer.

Bathing proсedures at home

Note: you should not bathe your Caucasian Mountain puppy very often; otherwise his hair will have a dim tone. It is possible to wash your dog at home 3- 5 times during a year, using special washing substances. The water temperature for bathing should be about 36-40 °С. After bathing you should brush the puppy: first with a comb three times lengthwise the hair, then – two times against the hair, then do the same with a brush and then using a towel smooth the hair carefully. Ears are cleaned with a damp gauze by accurate movements.

If your Caucasian Mountain puppy got parasites (fleas, louses), has signs of the weeping dermatitis or sores, bathing procedures with a special shampoo, drops or a spray are recommended. Note: you should thoroughly wash off the cleaning substance from your puppy`s hair, otherwise it can do much harm. In the case of parasites, it is also essential to clean his bedding additionally. Moreover, do not forget to use repellent for dogs.

After a stroll, you can just clean your puppy of Caucasian ovcharka carefully with a comb or wash without soap.

In general, common sense is important in the washing procedures of the puppy of Shepherd dog.

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Bathing caucasian mountain dog

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