Exhibitions in February 2019

February 9, the Dog Show was held Champion Federation RFLS “Empire LOND” city Lipetsk.

Referee – Serebryannikova-Zagorskaya E.GN (СОО БКО) Our results: Voronezh Bogatyrs ARMA intermediate class. Females. – excellent, CAC, BOB, CHRFLS.
Voronezh Bogatyrs ORISh juniors class females. – excellent, Yu.SAS, YuCHRFLS.

On February 10, an exhibition was held of Ranga SAS – Champion of the Federation, the city of Voronezh.

The judge – Motherland AND.The. (Moscow) Our results: Voronezh Bogatyrs ARMA – females. Excellent, CAC, ChF, BOB. BS Zhagar – Yu.SAS. BJ, UChF.

Exhibitions in February 2019

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