How To Live In Small Space With German Shepherd? (Question)

Keeping big energetic dogs in small spaces boils down to management by the owner. Read on to learn the right way to keep a GSD in an apartment.

Apartment Living: German Shepherd Basic Needs

  1. Physical Exercise.
  2. Mental Stimulation.
  3. Proper Dog Crate.
  4. Proper Obedience Training.
  5. Socialization.

Can a German Shepherd live in an apartment?

  • That is the important question we are going to look at in this article. Can German Shepherds Live In Apartments? The short and simple answer to the question of whether GSDs can live in apartments is “yes.” The bigger and better question, however, is whether German Shepherds can happily live in a small space like an apartment.

How much living space does a German shepherd need?

German Shepherds need at least 4000 square feet of yard space, which allows them enough room to run and catch a ball. Although they are large-sized high-energy dogs, with lots of planning and hard work, they can still live in smaller homes or apartments as long as their daily needs are met.

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Do you need a big garden for a German shepherd?

German Shepherds have plenty of energy to burn. Their need for exercise makes them well suited for individuals, couples and families who lead an active lifestyle and have plenty of space for them to run around in – ideally in the form of a large garden.

Is it hard to get an apartment with a German shepherd?

Apartment living with a German Shepherd isn’t as hard as many people believe. In fact, they really are one of the best apartment dogs if you make sure their basic needs are met. The fact is, size rarely makes a difference in how well a breed can thrive in an apartment.

Why do apartments not allow German shepherds?

Because apartments are usually smaller than homes and condos, property managers may not want a large dog on-site. Often, renters are only allowed to have smaller breeds. Age is another factor because puppies often are hyper and destructive, making landlords wary that they’ll tear up the apartment.

Are German Shepherds good for small houses?

Yes, German Shepherds can live in apartments as long as the owner is responsible and provides the dog with the basic needs. Keeping big energetic dogs in small spaces boils down to management by the owner. Read on to learn the right way to keep a GSD in an apartment.

Can a German Shepherd be a house dog?

German shepherds can be very gentle companions and family protectors with proper training and socialization. It’s an ideal breed for active households. The intelligence and protective demeanor of this breed can make it a good choice for families with children as long as the dog is properly trained.

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Do German shepherds bark a lot?

German Shepherds have one of the loudest barks and they may bark so loudly that they don’t even hear you. You cannot out yell or scream your German Shepherd while they’re barking at strangers, plus this doesn’t teach them anything except that you also have a strong reaction to the stranger.

How do you house a German Shepherd?

Here’s how to make it easy for you and your GSD to succeed!

  1. Prevention is Key. Set your phone’s alarm to remind you to take your puppy outside every 2 to 3 hours.
  2. Teach Them to Love Their Crate.
  3. Use Puppy Pads.
  4. Teach Them a Potty Routine.
  5. Know Your Puppy’s Potty Dance.
  6. Add in a Cue.
  7. Prevent Accidents.

Do German Shepherds need a fenced yard?

Size: The fenced area needs to be at least 1000 square feet (for example 20′ x 50′) to provide your GSD with a comfortable, safe space in which to get some exercise and fresh air, and to eliminate, without concern of people, kids, animals or wildlife wandering into their area.

Are German Shepherds good with kids?

Although they have a reputation for being a tough dog, German Shepherds (particularly females) are generally sweet-natured and good with children. Males might be a little less forgiving of rough play and unless raised with children and well trained, they should be supervised.

Is there such a thing as a miniature German Shepherd?

The Miniature German Shepherd is more than just a miniature version of a Standard German Shepherd: They are actually a hybrid breed, typically a mix of a standard German Shepherd and a smaller breed, usually a Border Collie or Poodle.

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Which dog breed is the least aggressive?

Top 15 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds

  • Bernese Mountain Dog. Number one on this list is the Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a smaller, affectionate breed of British origin.
  • Shih Tzu.
  • Pug.
  • Newfoundland.
  • Irish Setter.
  • Basset Hound.
  • Bichon Frise.

Are German shepherds aggressive?

The breed is naturally protective of its owners. If the German Shepherd is not properly socialized, it can become too aggressive with strangers. The German Shepherd is more likely to bite a stranger than a Labrador Retriever, but it is not nearly as aggressive breed as a Pit bull or Rottweiler.

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