How To Train A German Shepherd Not To Eat Chickens? (Solution found)

Secure your dog to the leash and safely stow your chickens in a coop. Once they are both safe and secure, slowly head over to the chickens. Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and wait for him to pull or lunge. As soon as he goes for the chickens, say “STOP” loudly and firmly so he knows you mean business.

What do I need to train my dog not to kill chickens?

  • What you are likely to need to train your dog not to kill chickens will to a certain extent depend on the training method. However, you will need plenty of your dog’s favorite treats, a leash, and tons of patience.

Will my German Shepherd eat my chickens?

Your German Shepherd has a strong prey drive Thus, a German Shepherd with a strong prey drive will chase and eventually kill small animals, including chickens.

How do you train a dog to ignore chickens?

Once secure, put your dog on a leash and head slowly over to the chickens’ pen, keeping a firm grasp on the leash at all times. Allow him to walk around the chickens, sniffing and investigating. But as soon as he lunges or barks, give him a firm ‘NO’ command and pull the leash back.

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Can you train a German shepherd to protect chickens?

Training your dog to guard chickens won’t necessarily be straightforward. You’ll need to use strict obedience training him to get him well-trained and following orders. You’ll also need to find ways to keep him motivated. If he’s a puppy, he should be eager to please and training may take just a couple of weeks.

How do you stop a dog from eating chickens?

The Stop & Pull Method Once they are both safe and secure, slowly head over to the chickens. Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and wait for him to pull or lunge. As soon as he goes for the chickens, say “STOP” loudly and firmly so he knows you mean business. Pull him in the opposite direction and walk away.

Can I shoot a dog attacking my chickens?

“ Any person, including a law enforcement officer, may kill any dog which he sees in the act of pursuing, worrying or wounding any livestock or poultry or attacking persons, and there shall be no liability on such person in damages, or otherwise, for such killing.” X’s dogs away from the chickens.

Does tying a dead chicken around dogs neck?

One method that’s been used for generations is to tie the dead chicken around the neck of the dog. The smell of the decaying bird is supposed to make them sick of chickens. For the most part it works (I’ve heard), although I know more than one farmer that’s said it doesn’t.

What should I do if my dog kills a chicken?

If you catch your dog killing a chicken, separate your dog immediately. Don’t punish your dog, they won’t understand why they’re being punished for doing what they were meant to do. A dog who has attacked or killed a chicken isn’t irredeemable.

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How do I get my dog used to my chickens?

If you are raising chicks inside your home, rather than in a coop, introduce the chicks slowly to your dogs. Leash your dog and command him or her to sit. Crouch and bring the chick in your hands carefully toward your dog. Let the dog sniff and see the connection between your presence and the chick.

What is the best animal to protect chickens?

Livestock guardian dogs are probably the most popular and well-known animal used to protect chickens. Dogs are intelligent, trainable, good companions, and quite frightening to a lot of different kinds of wildlife.

Are German shepherds good farm dogs?

German Shepherd Known in the U.S. for their work with police and security forces, German shepherds are more popular on farms in Germany and throughout Europe. They make excellent herd dogs, especially for keeping livestock away from crops or roads.

Is a German Shepherd a good guard dog for chickens?

Yes! It takes time and a great deal of patience, but you can absolutely train a German Shepherd to not attack chickens. It’s a German Shepherd’s natural instinct to go after chickens, so it’s going to take a bit of work and training to keep them from attacking. 7

Can you train a dog not to eat chickens?

You can use your choice of commands as you train your dog to stop killing chickens, but no matter which command you decide to use, be sure you use the same one every time. While puppies tend to learn more quickly, with patience, you can teach any age dog to stop killing chickens or any other animal.

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What happens if a dog eats a live chicken?

YES! Dogs can get Salmonella infection from chickens and other animals carrying the bacteria, by exposure to contaminated excretions (mostly poop!) or by eating contaminated meat. They can acquire Salmonella infection from consuming chicken droppings, or feces of other animals that are carrying Salmonella.

Are chickens afraid of dogs?

A dog who can be trusted around chickens is a rare and special one. Do not expect all dogs to become buddies with your birds. Chickens fear dogs and dogs kill chickens, by instinct. But, also remember that a dog’s primary goal is to please his master, and, if trained properly, will get along with your flock eventually.

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