What German Shepherd Line Should I Get? (Correct answer)

Which is the best working line German Shepherd?

  • There is also a sable working line German Shepherds are preferred in military and police works. Sable German Shepherd Dogs are being bred by top working line German Shepherd breeders in the world. Working lines GSD are more aggressive and is very sensitive to any fast-moving persons or animals because they assumed it to be a prey.

What is the best German Shepherd line?

West German Shepherds are a popular working line choice, they also make great family pets if their owners invest enough time in them. The West German Shepherd is also known as Sieger or show line breeds. And this bloodline is thought to be the closest to the original breed created by the Germans.

What is the difference between working line and Showline German Shepherd?

The working line German shepherd is more rugged and typically healthier and less prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. What is this? The show line is bred for appearance and more prone to hip and elbow problems due to their sloped backs and shorter hind legs.

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Should I get a working line German Shepherd?

In these homes, dogs from working lines can be fantastic pets because they are getting the physical and mental stimulation that they need and the owner is learning and becoming educated on how to house and train and work such a dog.

How do you determine the working line of a German Shepherd?

In general, both European and American show line German Shepherds (and even those from backyard breeders) have the following characteristics:

  1. A lower energy drive than working line Shepherds.
  2. Larger and bulkier bodies, broader heads and the extremely angled hindquarters.

What is the largest line of German shepherd?

What are their Height and Weight? King Shepherds are the largest of the shepherd class of dogs. German Shepherds stand 22 to 26 inches (55 to 65 cm) tall, while King Shepherd males tower at 27 – 31 inches (67 -79 cm) tall.

What is Sable GSD?

The Sable German Shepherd is, technically, just a color variant of the regular German Shepherd. Most conformation show breeders and pet breeders focus on producing red or tan dogs with a black saddle and muzzle. The sable German Shepherd genetically comes from working line dogs.

How big are working line German Shepherds?

They may generally be smaller in size, with the males measuring 24″ to 26″ at the shoulder, and 66 to 68 pounds, as the females measuring 22″ to 24″, and 49-61 pounds.

Are black German shepherds working line?

They are stealth-like in the dark and often can be seen easier in the light. To some, an all black German Shepherd is perceived to be more scary and intimidating, They can be from Show and Working Lines and from different lines types from different respective countries.

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How long do working line German Shepherds live?

The average life span of a German Shepherd is between 10 and 13 years. Some may live shorter lives if they encounter unusual health problems, while some might live beyond 13 years if they’re in good health. As we can see in the table below nearly 50% of this dog breed dies between the age of 10 and 13 years.

How do you pick a German shepherd puppy from a litter?

Selecting your German Shepherd puppy from a litter

  1. Choose a puppy that is sociable around you and other puppies.
  2. Pick a puppy that walks confidently with its head high and tail up and wagging.
  3. Choose a puppy that has clear eyes, ears, and teeth, walks evenly, and appears clean.
  4. Look at the personalities of the puppies.

Are German shepherd double coat?

German Shepherds have a double coat which is close and dense with a thick undercoat. The coat is accepted in two variants: medium and long. The gene for long hair is recessive, and therefore the long-haired variety is rarer. Most commonly, German Shepherds are either tan/black or red/black.

How much is a working line German shepherd?

On average, working line German Shepherds cost $1500, although some breeders charge up to $4000 depending on bloodline, experience, litter size, location, and health screening. If you’ve found a working line dog for any less, you must be suspicious of the bloodline purity and breeding practices. 2

What is a WL German shepherd?

West German Show Line. West German Working Line. The dogs of West German working blood are often said to be the closest of all types to the original dogs produced under Max von Stephanitz. Focus is given to correct working structure, solid temperament and especially to correct, strong working drives and ability.

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Can a working German shepherd be a pet?

German Shepherds and children Some can make great family pets in homes with children of all ages, but dogs should always be supervised around young children.

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