When Do You Unlock German Shepherd In Nintendogs Dachshund? (Perfect answer)

Find the fireman’s hat during a walk to unlock the Dalmatian breed at the kennel. Get 30,000 owner points to unlock the German Shepherd breed at the kennel.

How many breeds of dogs can you unlock in Nintendogs?

  • By being a good owner and/or meeting up with friends’ Nintendogs in Bark Mode, you can unlock more breeds, up to a total of 20 different dogs! Includes Dalmatian (hard to unlock in previous versions), Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle.

How do you unlock new breeds on Nintendogs?

How to Unlock New Breeds Through Linking. It’s possible to unlock new breeds by linking your DS to another DS system with a different version of Nintendogs. The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner’s current pet, and it must be a breed that you do not have in order for it to be unlocked.

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What dogs can you unlock on Nintendogs Labrador and Friends?

Includes Dalmatian (hard to unlock in previous versions), Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle. Includes Labrador Retriever, Miniature Schnauzer, Toy Poodle, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Miniature Pinscher, Shiba Inu.

Can you have more than one dog on Nintendogs?

All versions, as it depends on the amount of trainer points the game has. All breeds can be unlocked except for the Jack Russell, which requires a book to be found. How many dogs can I have in Nintendogs? Three in your home, and five in the dog hotel.

How do you get more dogs on Nintendogs 3DS?

How to Gain Points:

  1. Participate in a competition (dogs only)
  2. Be bathed.
  3. Be brushed.
  4. Be petted.
  5. Play with a toy.
  6. Befriend and play with a neighbor’s dog (dogs only)
  7. Go on a walk (dogs only)
  8. Be fed/watered.

How do I teach my Nintendogs to beg?

A Begging Nintendog will rest on its haunches; Stand raises the dog completely off the ground. Slide your dog’s head up on the touch screen and it will do a begging motion.

How do you unlock breeds in Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends?

Nintendogs Unlockable Breeds Collect 20,000 Owner Points. Collect 8,000 Owner Points. Find a fireman hat during a walk. Collect 30,000 Owner Points.

Which Nintendogs has a husky?

In Nintendogs + Cats, the Siberian Husky comes in Black & White (shades from black to gray), Brown & White, and Agouti & White (from very pale brown and white to dark brown and white). Black huskies (3DS). Agouti huskies (3DS). Brown huskies(3DS).

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Which Nintendogs has a pug?

The Pug is a breed of dog available in Nintendogs and its 3DS sequel.

How do you unlock Dalmatians in Nintendogs?

Unlockable by items In Chihuahua & Friends, Dachshund & Friends, and Labrador & Friends, the Fireman’s Hat unlocks the Dalmatian. In all versions, the Jack Russell Book unlocks the Jack Russell Terrier.

How do you get rare items on Nintendogs?


  1. Take your dog for a walk.
  2. Follow the question marks.
  3. Try to go to both of the discount shops.
  4. Keep doing this and hopefully you will get such items as the bark ball, bubble blower, jerky treats, and much more.
  5. Use an action replay.
  6. Treat your dog with care.
  7. Go to contests to raise your trainer points.

How do you get a German shepherd on Nintendogs?

Unlocking the Breed

  1. Chihuahua and Friends: Starter breed.
  2. Labrador and Friends: Obtain 4,000 Trainer Points.
  3. Dachshund and Friends: Obtain 30,000 Trainer Points.
  4. Dalmatian and Friends: Starter breed.
  5. Best Friends: Starter breed.
  6. Toy Poodle and New Friends: Obtain 7,400 Owner Points or play for 25 days consecutively.

How do you get a lot of money on Nintendogs?

Earning Money Money can be earned two ways on Nintendogs: contests and selling items. Dogs can be trained and participate in three different types of contests: Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, and Disc Competitions.

Which Nintendogs should I get?

Most dog owners and dog sitters agree that spring or summer are the optimal seasons for adding a four-legged friend to your family. Warmer months are ideal times for housebreaking your puppy, and they also give you the benefit of longer and sunnier days for walks and playtime.

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Does personality matter in Nintendogs?

Not much research has been conducted proving the significance of personalities, however, so they may not be accurate reflections of the algorithms determining a puppy’s/kitten’s behavior. In Nintendogs, personalities play a very passive role.

Can you breed in Nintendogs?

You CAN breed dogs! It worked for me after5 days all you have to do is get a boy and girl dog that are friendly together and only give them milk and dry food and put a rose on the girl and lucky collar and the boy and leave on all night with charger!

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