How to buy a Caucasian Shepherd puppy or dog

If you would like to buy one or more of our Caucasian Shepherd puppies, please read this.

Caucasian Mountain dogs and puppies price

One of the most often asked question is “how much does your Caucasian puppy cost?” The price depends on the puppy’s age and the destination it will travel to, because the cost of shipping to different countries varies.

An average price of Caucasian Shepherd puppy is from $500 to $3000. Cost of a puppy depends on its pedigree – parents’ awards and titles. To get the exact price for exact puppy please contact us. All our puppies are sold vaccinated and have Pedigree FCI and Microchip.

Adult Caucasian Shepherd dogs cost from $5000 to $50 000 depending on the dog’s titles and awards.

Some people ask us why other kennels may sell Caucasian Shepherd puppies for lower price than ours one. We breed our dogs with intention to produce an excellent quality. Our dogs are from Demon & Bagrat blood line. We do health testing to maintain type and consistency of the breed.

We do not mass produce the puppies and do not them neither to pet stores nor to wholesalers or resellers. We breed on a limited basis and do not have puppies available all around the year.

The most affordable way to ship the puppy is to take it with you on the plane as a baggage in the crate. We can ship the puppy to Moscow where you (or your representative) can pick it up and take home.

In case the puppy flies alone the shipping costs from $1200 to $1600 depending on your country.

You can read more about the puppies and dogs shipping here.

Please contact me to discuss the most rational way to ship the puppy to your country.

Book Caucasian Shepherd puppies before buying

If you have decided which puppy to buy, you need to make the puppy reservation. Please read the purchase policy:

  • We require a $500 minimum deposit to secure the puppy you want to buy.
  • We are not able to book the puppy for you without the deposit.
  • You should send us the deposit during 1 week since the date or reservation, otherwise we will have to cancel your reservation and re-advertise the puppy as available again.
  • The deposit is NOT refundable. It means that if you change your mind and decide not to buy the reserved puppy, you will loose your deposit.
  • By placing a deposit on any Caucasian Shepherd puppy, you are making a legal agreement to purchase that puppy. Failure to complete the purchase would cause us missing opportunities to sell the puppy to some other customers. The deposit proves your serious intention to purchase of the puppy.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the transaction if we learn that you might not be suitable as for the puppy’s Buyer (we mean serious reasons – to be an animal abuser, violent person, representative of a Pet Store, representative of a pharmaceutical research laboratory etc.).
  • If the transaction is cancelled or if the puppy dies or seriously injured by some tragic accident before it goes to you, of course, we will return you the deposit. Also we can apply the deposit to another Caucasian Shepherd puppy, if available, or to a puppy from the next available litter.

Payment options to buy Caucasian Shepherd puppies and dogs

For transfer of euro:


BIC 042007681
Beneficiary customer - 42307.978.8.1300.3410056
Aleksandr Borisovich Pankratov.

To transfer money in US $:

Beneficiary Bank: additional office number 9013/0134 PAT Savings
Cor / account bank 30101810600000000681
BIC 042007681

INN - 7707083893
PPC - 366402001
OKATO -20,401,380,000
Beneficiary Account 42307840513003410099
Full name of recipient: Aleksandr Borisovich Pankratov

For transfer of US $:

Essential elements for "Western Union"
adress: Fr. Engelsa 35-8 Voronezh 394000 Russia
for: Aleksandr Borisovich Pankratov

Essential elements for "MoneyGram"
adress: Fr. Engelsa 35-8 Voronezh 394000 Russia
for: Aleksandr Borisovich Pankratov

You can contact me personally any time with to book a puppy, amount of puppies in the upcoming litter is limited.