How to choose a puppy

To choose reasonably a Caucasian Shepherd puppy you should consider these 5 tips.

Tip 1. Authenticity

It is essential to buy a puppy from a dog breeding section or a kennel, where people have spent a number of years and much money to deserve the authority and to create excellent breeding fund. You can rely on their experience and knowledge, and purchase a puppy there. The Russian Kynological Federation or the Central agency of the dog breeding of Russia should include the section or the kennel. Ensure this! The permit for breeding is given to the institutions included in these societies. In this case the documents of the puppy are valid in Russia and abroad.

Tip 2. Friend, protector or champion?

Before buying a puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog it is recommended to make sure what kind of a dog you need – a pure-bred guard dog or you dream about a new champion, about the breed work. Beginners are wrong when they think that if they buy a pedigree puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog they get a ready champion. To choose a dog for breeding and exhibitions you have to take into account its ancestors. Visit big exhibitions and National, Russian, Eurasian dog shows. Among the prize-winners and champions choose a male dog or a female sire, because only from the best dogs are born champions and winners.

Tip 3. A male or a female

Then you have a choice: a male or a female? The male is generally bigger and stronger than a female but bitches also may by rather big and pretty.

If you have children in the family, it is better to have a female Caucasian Shepherd. She is easier to train, has a gentle personality and owing to maternal instinct is affectionate to children. Yet, her guarding characteristics and alertness to strangers are as good as those of a male.

The male is always trying to become a leader and if he feels he is a leader there can be no training. And an uncontrollable dog is a danger at the home – to the family, in the street – to people and pets. So when buying a male puppy you should think twice and make sure you have enough will and patience to be a leader for your dog. The rule is: the stronger one is the right one. The strongest one is the leader. You should not forget that dogs take you not as humans but as the same brothers as they are.

Tip 4. Age

You should buy a Caucasian Mountain puppy in the age of 45 days. It is necessary to tell the dog breeder the purpose you buy a dog so he can help you to sort out a suitable puppy. The breeder must thoroughly advise you on all the aspects of feeding, training and keeping the puppy.

By the moment of purchase the puppy must have been vaccinated. The confirmation of this is the International veterinary passport; there should be marks about the terms and kinds of vaccination. The numbers must coincide and the first three letters be registered.

If the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog is not vaccinated you are risking to lose it in the very first days after purchase. Without the vaccination the probability of death is 80%. Vaccinated puppies die very seldom, if they fall ill anyway, the clinical course of the disease is light and is cured with no problems. No vaccine can give a 100% guarantee that your puppy will not fall ill but it will certainly help to avoid acute diseases. Only the proper keeping, care and timely vaccination will ensure the good health of your dog.

Tip 5. The puppy

The dog breeder‘s advise: choose an active puppy, with a good appetite. The puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog must not have a big stomach and wry legs. You should not take advise from people who are not specialists in breeding and upbringing of dogs. When needed you should consult the dog breeding club specialists, and in case of a disease – the veterinary. Possible neglecting in development of a young dog may lead to unwanted hard to remove of irremovable defects.

We must remind again that when you buy a super-dog from champions, no breeder can guarantee 100% that you dog will be as good or better. You are going to development him up yourself, and of course, an experienced breeder or specialist can help you in this. One can be reputed as an experienced breeder or specialist if he has a long practice in development of puppies and as a result having champion dogs, exhibition stars bred and trained by him. You should not take advice from the dog breeders, who buy already grown up dogs and do not have their own experience in puppies’ growing and they haven’t bred a champion dog.

There are many who raise their dogs not having shown them at exhibitions. Do not trust such breeders, because they obviously have reasons not to show. Only making comparison at exhibitions one can make sure about advantages or disadvantages of a dog. Even when the judge is not fair – comparison reveals it all anyway. Neither should you listen to specialists who engage in other breeds, as every breed has its personality.

How to choose a puppy

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