Keeping a puppy of caucasian mountain dog

10 rules for keeping caucasian mountain dogs

1. Give it sunshine

Sun light plays an important role in an animal organism. It improves metabolism, increases vitality of the organism, encourages elimination of many pathogenic bacteria, prevents puppies of Caucasian Mountain dog and young dogs from several health problems and diseases (rachitis, etc.). But long time in the heat under direct sun light may lead to overheating and cause a thermal shock or sun stroke.

Arranging a housing for a puppy you should consider the soil condition. Coarse soil (sand, loamy sand) leak air and water and quickly dry after rain. It is favorable to animals. On the contrary, fine-grained soil (clayness, siltness) leak air and water badly and are often wet, cold and therefore are unfavorable for placing dogs there.

2. The best place

The place intended for the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog should not be in darkness or near to heating machines; it is prohibited to set the place in the kitchen, bathroom, in the hall near the doors, in the draughty places. The floor should always be clean, the bedding should be daily shaken up and washed when dirty. The best is a mattress of horse hair, straw or wadding. Size 70X100, thickness 8-10 cm. For the mattress 2-3 pillow-cases with ropes and clasp inside. You can sew up the pillow-case for the puppy not to bite buttons or ropes. As a bedding you can use an old children’s mattress. You should change the pillow-case at least 2 times a month if the weather is wet – when it gets dirty.

3. Strict don’ts

  • Do not lock the puppy of Caucasian Shepherd in a dark room and block it up with obstacles which confines its moving – it can lead to rachitis and joint weakness and overall underdevelopment.
  • Do not tie the puppy. The consequences of a leash: irregular limbs, soft back – they are hard to eliminate or irreparable at all.
  • Do not habituate the puppy to jump on a sofa, a bed an arm chair. A puppy can not jump as a kitten – it can damage its legs.
  • Moreover, do not let the puppy do things that will bet prohibited to him when he is grown up. For this purpose you’ll have to bear his whining; to send him to his place or another room during the meals of the masters; lean to him when you need to pet him or give him a dainty and slightly step on his back pas when he puts on his forepaws. Bad habits acquired in childhood are much harder to correct than teach the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog something good.
  • Do not let the puppy to creep under a low furniture it leads to incorrect limbs forming and makes his back sag.
  • Do not let children take the puppy of Caucasian Shepherd dog in their arms – they may drop him by chance
  • You must nor lift the puppy by his forepaws or skin. The puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog is still small, his muscles and joints are weak and if you drag him by forepaws, it is easy to disfigure him for life by a dislocation or a violent sprain. Learn this: let the forefinger and middle finger of one hand pass between the forepaws – this makes the chest lay on your palm, and by the rest of the fingers grab his sides and he will sort of sit down on you other palm. When lowering the puppy on the floor let him land on all of his paws and only then you can pull your hands out. But it is better to sit to the puppy yourself and not to lift him when it is not necessary.
  • Do not stroke the puppy on his head and ears – it promotes incorrect location of ears.
  • Do not pull anything out from the puppy’s teeth – you can break his teeth or spoil the bite. Carefully unclamp his mouth and take the thing out.
  • Be careful when dragging furniture, opening and closing doors. Remember that you’ve got a puppy of Caucasian Shepherd and do not carry hot water over him.
  • Do not leave loose wires – the puppy will catch to them with his teeth.

From all that was mentioned it is clear that observance all the conditions is possible in case that the puppy is not left alone for a long time. Puppies can not stand loneliness, they get very sad. It spoils the future dog’s character and also, if you leave a puppy alone you can not avoid trouble.

4. Let it move and walk

It is recommended to carry the puppy down the stairs up to the age of 3 months. Going down the stairs before that age is bad for a puppy: his weak legs can be curved. You may teach the puppy go up the stairs after 2.5 months.

Too much jumping causes straightening of the back limps and loosening of joints.

Walking with the dog is utterly essential for its good health, nervous system, better contact with the master.

City dog breeder has to take his pet out 2-4 times a day to perform natural discharge: in the morning just after awakening, at daytime – at 1-2 o’clock, after work – at 6-7 o’clock and before sleep. If you do not have an opportunity to take you dog for a walk at daytime, a 3 times walk can do, but in the morning the dog gets just a little portion of the day’s meals. You should walk your dog at least 3 hours a day.

Before vaccination the puppy is carried out to get sun bathe. Dog living in private houses are not carried out of the territory before vaccination.

You should teach the dog to walk with a lead in the street since 2 months. The puppy gets used to a soft light collar at once. At first you should walk the dog with a lead so that it would not feel constraint, carefully, without jerks pull him away from unwanted places. You should watch that the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog did not swallow any paper, cloth and other foreign objects.

Walking the dog in the street teach it not to fear cars, to be indifferent to people, gradually get from quiet streets to more noisy.

The puppy also needs a free walk without a lead and play with fellow dogs. For this purpose a safe place should be found.

The speed and stress of the walk the puppy chooses by itself. It must be long but not compulsory. You should not make the puppy move when it needs rest because the Caucasian Mountain dog as a puppy is big, bony, with weak joints, and the bone can not straighten because of the quick growing. Too much excessive force cause bone system deformation. A very good training – swimming. In the water dog’s muscles develop evenly with a right distribution of stress. The load of running and long time walk should be applied after the full forming of the skeleton (age of 1 year).

The load of running and long time walk is dosed with the age of the puppy. Too much load should be avoided.

5. Wash and bathe

It is not recommended to wash the puppy. It is possible to wash it in case it has parasites (fleas, louses). Puppies are washed with special shampoos. Water temperature 36-40 degrees. Also you should wash the bedding with this shampoo and clean the room where the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog was kept.

If after a walk the puppy is not too dirty it is best to clean him properly with a comb or a brush or wash without soap.

You should never make the puppy come into the water or to throw him into there. To accustom the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog to the water you may use his favorite toy. After he come out of the water you should let him run around and dry off. Read more about bathing Caucasian Mountain dogs.

6. Hairdo

It is necessary to comb the puppy daily: at first with a comb three times along hair, two times against hair, then the same with a brush and then using a towel thoroughly smooth the hair. It is a massage for the skin and it removes dirt and dust from the hair.

7. Watch & care

Put the puppy on his back, examine his belly and paws. If you will examine the puppy daily it will get used to it and will act calm to you touch. Further, if the puppy falls ill or gets his paw cut you will be able to help him.

Often the puppy gets scares of new objects. In this case you should blandly call him, stroke him and lead to the new object and let him smell it so that he made sure that there is nothing dangerous.

8. Other dogs and animals

Do not let your puppy come up to unknown dogs especially mongrels – infection is possible, moreover if the puppy if is bite or scared by a big dog it may remember it for a long time and become cowardly. You should be careful in meeting the puppy with other dogs.

You should not let the puppy chase cats and birds – this can cause trouble, for instance, in moment when you need it, the working qualities of your dog may be significantly reduced. You should train indifference to cats and other animals.

A small puppy sleeps a lot there’s no need to wake him up and call to play. Watch that the puppy sleeps at his place. Carrying him there tell him “Your Place!”.

Since the 3 month’s age it is useful to teach the puppy swim in the sea, a river and ponds with running water.

9. Train it

It is strongly prohibited to train Caucasian Shepherd dog under 2 years old to drag a skier, sledges, bicycle, etc. It is prohibited to make the puppy (or a dog) run after a bike, a car or swim after a boat.

A small dog under 3-4 months living in an apartment stains. You should not punish him for that – beat him, poke into the puddle, shout. In order to make in puppy the habit to defecate on the street, you should immediately carry him out it to the street for 10-15 minutes. When the puppy has defecated, he should be praised. Prolonged walks with the puppy after food can be made not less than in an hour, you can feed after a prolonged walk not earlier than after 40 minutes

The problem of cleaning will be solved simpler, if the puppy was trained to make ” its business” on a newspaper or a rag. For this at first it is necessary to catch a right moment and in time put the little-one in the place intended for his things. Subsequently the rag or newspaper can be placed on a special pan. But it is easier to train this from the very early age – 25-30 days.

Staying alone, the puppy is bored and begins to gnaw all possible things, especially during the teeth change. He must not be punished for this. You should not leave foot-wear on the floor, raise the ends of the tablecloth upward, enclose sofas and beds, but the main thing is to leave toys for the puppy: a ball, a rubber toy having preliminarily taken out a tweeter so that the puppy of Caucasian Shepherd would not swallow it. Do not give your old foot-wear to the puppy instead of the toy.

Have a patience, if the puppy takes for a game an object, which must not be taken, quietly and persistently take it out, saying “fie” or “cannot!” and give to him a toy, repeating this several times a day.

You must not punish the puppy some time after his misdeed. This can be made only on the spot and at the moment of breaking the rules by the puppy. A puppy is not capable to connect the cause and the effect with a large break in time.

10. The most important rule – love it!

Keeping a puppy of caucasian mountain dog

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