Methods and technology training

Movement distance foreign roads, fences, ditches, on the border plantings. 

To Exercises should begin only after it will be worked out methods of walking beside and groundwater.
When passing herds between the corn fields, orchards, through the garden, village, etc., coming back from the edge of the dog, send the command «forward», to prevent the attempts of animals to enter the field or garden. Began by preparing the reception, the trainer is on the road with a dog on a leash, saying the command «next» Pointing dog arm straight up toward the road, the trainer himself like rushes forward and gives the dog the command «forward» in motivating tone. Makes short throws on the edge of the road, giving the dog a command «forward» and accompanying it with a gesture, throwing his hand forward.

When the dog stops again command is «forward», while trying to leave the dog in the side of the road or stay on it pronounced in a strict tone of command «forward» and make the leap leash.

Movement should go in a straight line. The correct course of dog teams encouraged «good», «Forward», «good».
In the future, lessons are conducted along the fence, a ditch along the border plantings, etc., requiring failsafe performance dog team «forward», encouraging its correct course, abruptly stopping at diverting towards the team «fu» and strict « forward ».

When the dog learn the command «forward», remove the leash from her, and trainer drives on the road one or two pets. Giving command «forward», a dog trainer sends on the road side of the animals, making sure that the dog did not attack them. Correct behavior of the dog immediately encourage team «good», increases the rate sends the dog team «forward». The dog was often a team that only for «me» and encouraged.
determined that the dog would grab the ongoing animal trainer increases the number of animals, including up to the herd.
promises dog team «next» become more and certainly on the side of the road or strip, which has sown, garden or vegetable garden.
When the attack dogs on the animal from the herd in the outgoing direction, the trainer encouraged her praises, but always stops and beckons to him, as soon as the animal enters the herd. Attack dog on the animal, going right, the trainer abruptly stops using jerk leash.

Bypass around the object.

Drill clustering of cattle grazing on a particular area start around an immovable object (eg, buildings).
Taking the dog on a leash, the trainer passes around the building, giving the command «range»; gradually weakens the leash, down to earth, and the trainer himself slowly behind the dog. In its attempts to move away from the building gives the command «around» and, if necessary, makes the leap leash.
behind the dog running around the building, the trainer turns back and quickly went out to meet the dog, beckoning her to him.
In the future, meeting a dog trainer with more and more closer to the original position, and, finally, the trainer remains in place. Approach to the dog trainer must approve cottage delicacies.

In order for a dog not developed an unwanted communication while driving around one and the same building, the original place of occupation change. Particularly convenient for study space, enclosed by a low fence, where the trainer can see the movement of the dog.
After working this exercise, the trainer turns to studies on crowding flocks. First, take a small group of animals.
Trainer, having a dog without a leash, walking around a herd of animals at some distance from them, says team «range».
Doing traversing several times. Irregular movement of the dogs stop command «range» in high tone. An attempt to pounce on the grazing animals, prevent the team «fu» (especially vicious dogs, let us make the muzzle). To meet the dog’s passing flock around, the trainer must first half way, and then getting closer and closer to the point promise. Over the course of a dog trainer sent to supervise a convenient place.
For the arrival at the original location must caress the dog or give a treat.

Classes are conducted in an open place. After working out this exercise trainer proceeds to exercise in the pasture with bushes or woods. To monitor the dog trainer from a distance follows it, corrects its mistakes, and encourages the faithful to bypass the herd, always encountering the dog from the opposite side.
dog may return to the path. Then the trainer uses the command «next» a menacing manner and makes bypassing the herd, together with the dog. Then the trainer goes to employment and during the movement of cattle on pasture.
skill can be considered quite inured when the dog goes round the herd without a hitch on the team «range».

Fitting animals. 

The purpose of the reception – to develop a dog’s skills to adjust to the herd, or gone backward in the sides of the animal, to accelerate the movement of cattle on pasture or when returning home, to send the animals in the herd turns in the direction of rotation. Receiving spend so:
selecting a herd animal that is afraid of people (going away) and does not resist a dog trainer, giving the animal to keep up with the herd, sharply attacked him, driving him to the herd, lash. If you shoot for the animal carries the dog and drew her attention to running animal team «take».
Seeing the attack on his master’s lagging animal, the dog usually runs to the last and also pursues him. The dog is encouraged to.
Harassment animal dog immediately ceases as soon as it enters the herd. At this point, the trainer stops the dog beckoning his team «me», and at the approach encourages it.

In developing the skill necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. 1. If any resistance of the animal dog trainer immediately intervenes and helps the dog lash animal. It teaches the animals to obey the dog away from her in the herd, where the dog does not touch and does not bother them.
  2. 2.Sledit to ensure that the dog, which forced the animal in a herd, not ran forward and drove him to the head, ie, not throw him to move.
  3. 3. Do not allow the dog grabbed the animals (cows – for the muzzle, flanks and udder, and sheep – for the face, neck and legs). If the dog is vicious and bites of animals, training must be conducted in a muzzle, preventing the team «fu» attempts grabbed.
  4. 4. As soon as the purported dog animal entered the herd, taxes, strict command «fu» while jerks the leash, and then make the groundwater at the approach of the dog and give the command «well.

evil (snappish) dogs in the beginning allowed muzzled. Then, remove the muzzle and allowed them to parforse and a long leash.
In Later trainer allowed the dog free, stopping the improper actions of the team «fu».
In hode lesson distance stragglers from the herd of animals increased.

At the command «take» should teach the dog to attack a cow in the back with a grip for the right or left hind leg, and the sheep and rear, with a stranglehold over the side.

Dogs attempt to grab the tail of an animal trainer immediately stops the command «fu», and jerks the leash.
You can never prevent the victory of the animal (ox, sheep, cows) over the dog. Trainer makes certain that the cow does not hit the dog with his foot, horns.

Tracing animals. 

Admission introduced after developing skills in areas searched.
Skills will be deepened as the search area on the team «look» (see reception «search area»).
Land purchased for the training of 100 to 400 meters, at first even with bushes, and in the future – a mountainous and wooded. When a dog will develop skills in searching the area for the previously apportirovochnogo subject, go to its replacement by animals, which leads the assistant in advance at the scheduled place. Trainer directs the dog on the plot command «look», helping her.

Methods and technology training

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