How Much To Feed A Bernese Mountain Dog Collie Mix Puppy? (Correct answer)

Food / Diet A Bordernese can eat an average of around 3.5 cups of a high quality dog food every day. It is best to divide this amount up into multiple feedings throughout the day. Many owners choose to feed their dogs at least twice a day.

How much food should I feed my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy?

As a general rule healthy Bernese will eat from 3-6 cups of good quality food daily. A four-month-old will eat more than an eight-week-old pup. At 6-8 months the food intake will usually be at an adult proportion or slightly greater depending on the dog’s environment and system.

How much should a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy weigh?

The Bordernese is a cross between the Border Collie and the Bernese Mountain Dog. A combined intelligence and gentle spirit come together to create a dog that is an excellent companion for any family that may have young children or other pets.

How big does a Bernese Mountain Dog mix get?

The breed is strong and muscular as it was bred for work. The male measures 25 to 27 inches and the female 23 to 26 inches tall. Both have a sturdy build and are usually longer than they are tall. Their weight ranges from 75 to 120 pounds (34 to 54 kilograms).

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How much should an 8 week old Bernese mountain dog weigh?

Typical Bernese pups weigh from 12 – 24 pounds at 8 – 10 weeks. Puppy weight at this young age is sometimes a refection of litter size, with large litters tending to have smaller puppies and litters with fewer members having larger sized pups.

How much is a Bernese mountain puppy?

Bernese Mountain Dogs From a reputable breeder, this giant dog usually costs between $1,000 to $2,500. These dogs are wonderful family pets.

How many calories should a Bernese mountain dog puppy eat?

Growing puppies, for example, consume more calories than adult dogs and so do young adult dogs. A Berner puppy weighing 60 pounds (at around 8 months) needs an estimated 1671 calories per day.

What is my Border Collie mixed with?

Popular Border Collie Mixes

  • Bordoodle. The Bordoodle mixes the Border Collie and the Poodle.
  • Borgi. The Borgi mixes the Border Collie and the Corgi.
  • Border Jack. The Border Jack mixes the Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Border Springer.
  • Borador.
  • Border Point.
  • Border Heeler.
  • Boxollie.

What is the average lifespan of a Bernese mountain dog?

A large-sized breed, the Bordernese weighs between 40 and 80 pounds.

Do Bernese mountain dog mixes live longer?

Bernese Mountain dog mixes are great dogs to have because of their demeanor. They live longer than some breeds, making great guard dogs or great playing buddies. With any of these mixes, giving attention to them are crucial to keeping them happy. They require a little bit of exercise but make great companions.

Are Bernese Mountain dogs smart?

Cheerful and intelligent, the Bernese mountain dog is known to be affectionate and playful with children and other pets. Considered easy to train, this intelligent breed will follow your lead; early socialization is recommended before any bad habits can set in.

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Are Bernese mountain dogs easy to train?

In addition to being strikingly good-looking, the Berner has a wonderful temperament. They’re known for being loyal, affectionate, eager to please, and intelligent. They’re easy to train, if you allow them time to analyze what you want them to do. Most of all, they have a happy-go-lucky attitude about life.

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