What Happened To Dog Guy On Mountain Men? (TOP 5 Tips)

Montana-based lion hunter Jake Herak joined the cast of Mountain Men in Season 7, and he quickly became a fan favorite because of his team of dogs. In the Season 10 episode “Coyote Showdown”, the Mountain Men narrator (D.B. Sweeney) reveals that both Clutch and Henry have died.

Who is the dog on the mountain men?

  • Mike Horstman’s dog is always by his side on Mountain Men.’ Although Mike is part of the Mountain Men cast, he is also a hunter and professional guide in real life.

Who is leaving Mountain Men?

On the latest episode of History Channel’s Mountain Men, fans were surprised to hear that Marty Meierotto is quitting the show. For the past eight seasons, viewers have watched the skilled survivalist venture out into the Alaskan wilderness, where he spends the sub-zero winters living in a one-room cabin.

Where is Rich Lewis now?

A native of Idaho, Rich Lewis now lives with his wife, Diane, in the isolated Ruby Valley in southwest Montana. Rich pursues his passion for tracking mountain lions there with the help of a team of hounds.

Where was Marty Meierotto born?

In retirement, Marty plans to spend more time pursuing his love of trapping and simply being out in the wide-open spaces of Alaska with his family. “I’ve always loved to just be in the woods so I’m going to try and spend more time out there,” said Marty.

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What did Preston Roberts do for a living?

The duo first met in 1982 and bonded by riding horses across North and South Carolina together. Preston worked in the Wilkes County school district for 25 years while also serving on the board of directors and as an educator at Turtle Island Preserve.

How fake is Mountainman?

The extreme conditions on Mountain Men are completely real. Mason Gertz, a cameraman who works on the show, told Men’s Journal he “nearly lost part of my hand to frostbite while trying to film a lynx.” Mason said that if it weren’t for Marty Meierotto’s help and quick thinking, he’d probably be “missing three fingers.”

Why did rich leave Mountain Men?

He chose to leave the show. He stated that he was getting far too old for this kind of lifestyle, so he decided to call it quits and no longer desire to film for the show. Mountain Men’s sixth season featured the final appearance of Rich Lewis.

What happened to Marty on mountain?

Meierotto Left Mountain Man Marty Meierotto bid farewell to his career as a smokejumper and retired after 31 years in the business. He retired on July 31 in the year 2019. His friends and colleagues gave him a surprise on his last day. As a BLM pilot, Marty flew for the last time in the plane.

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