What Is The Largest Mountain Cur Dog Breed? (TOP 5 Tips)

Male Mountain Curs stand 18 to 26 inches at the shoulder and weigh 30 to 60 pounds. Females are 16 to 24 inches tall and both females and males weigh in at 30 to 60 pounds. Some dogs can be smaller or larger.

How big is a full grown Mountain Cur dog?

  • Mountain Curs are a medium-size dog breed. Males and females are typically between 16 and 26 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 60 pounds. Puppies are much smaller in size and grow rapidly. At the age of six months, some puppies may weigh around 24 pounds, but could nearly triple their weight by the time they are a full-grown adult.

What is the biggest mountain dog?

The Bernese mountain dog is the only one of the four related Swiss mountain dog breeds to have a long coat; it is the largest. It originated near Berne, where it was a general-purpose farm dog used as a watchdog, property guard, and carting dog.

What breeds make up a mountain cur?

The Mountain Cur dates back to settlers from Europe to the United States. The hunting dogs – mostly hounds and terriers, bred with Native American’s dogs, which resulted in this affable, and trainable crossbreed. This includes the:

  • Treeing Tennessee Brindle.
  • Stephens Stock.
  • And Mountain View Cur.
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Is a Mountain Cur a large dog?

Male mountain curs generally stand between 18–26 inches, while females are a bit smaller at 16–24 inches tall. Weighing between 30–60 pounds, mountain curs are on the larger end of medium-sized dogs.

What dog is bigger than a Great Dane?

The wolfhound wins by inches as the tallest dog breed. The Irish wolfhound is the tallest of all dogs, even the Great Dane. 5 According to breed standard, the minimum height should be 32 inches for males and 30 inches for females.

What is the strongest dog in the world?

10 of the Strongest Dogs in the World

  • English Mastiff. English Mastiff is a giant breed of dogs.
  • Rottweiler. Advertisement.
  • Kangal. The Kangal is a livestock guardian dog, they are large in size.
  • St. Bernard. St.
  • Bull Dog.
  • German Shepherd.
  • Siberian Husky.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier.

How much do Mountain Cur dogs cost?

With all of that being said, a Mountain Cur puppy from a high-quality and reputable breeder is going to cost you quite a few bones. For a premium puppy that’s show quality and has papers, you should budget anywhere from $700 to $3,000. However, on average, Mountain Cur puppies will cost you around $400. 4

Is a Mountain Cur a good family dog?

Mountain Curs can be rather affectionate with children and make wonderful family dogs. The Mountain Cur was bred to hunt, so they will not be able to share a household with smaller pets. Even with early socialization, the Mountain Cur should not live with cats due to their intense prey drive.

Is Mountain Cur hypoallergenic?

The Mountain Cur is not a hypoallergenic dog. He also does not drool much because he has tighter fitting lips and not the typical hound jowls. Since he has ears that hang, be sure to check them weekly and clean as needed to prevent a foul odor or infection from occurring.

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Are mountain curs smart dogs?

Mountain Cur is an intelligent dog that is devoted to his family and especially to his owner. These dogs were bred specially for trailing small game and treeing. Because of their intelligence, they can be trained easily.

What is the difference between a black mouth Cur and a mountain cur?

Black Mouth Curs vs Mountain Curs One apparent difference between the two breeds is that Mountains Curs are smaller-boned than the BMC. Another prominent difference is that Mountain Curs generally have longer coats. In terms of temperament, Black Mouth Curs are known to be more aggressive compared to the Mountain Cur.

What breed makes the best squirrel dog?

The Mullens fiest, Barger fiest, mountain fiest, and American treeing fiest are all good squirrel dog breeds. Most fiests and curs make great family dogs, are good with kids, and will be a loyal companion as long as they live.

What kind of dog is a cur mix?

The term cur is usually used to describe a mongrel dog, particularly of aggressive or unfriendly nature. The term is believed to be derived from the Old Norse kurra, meaning ‘to grumble or growl’. A short-haired dog used in hunting and herding in the United States is called cur-tailed, or cur for short.

Where are mountain cur dogs?

“A Florida Cracker Cur is one tough dog. In Florida, this dog is a cattle and hog dog used in herding cattle in the blazing heat of the tropics working dusk to dawn with its cowboy. They have an excellent temper, very loyal to the farm and their work. The dogs range from 30 females to 40 males.”

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