What Job Does A Mountain Feist Dog Do? (TOP 5 Tips)

The Mountain Feist is a dog breed that was bred in the rural South of the United States of America to be a hunting dog of small vermin — specifically a “treeing dog,” which means the type of hunting dog that chases above-ground, rather than digging underground.

What kind of job does a Mountain Feist do?

  • Feists that are put to work hunting small game or ridding the property of varmint will be happy and well exercised. Mountain Feists are small dogs that are adaptable to most living environments; ideally, they will have a nice, large yard to patrol. Note they are a closely bonding breed, so owner should be prepared to spend time with them daily.

Are Feists good pets?

The Feist is suited to being both a working dog and a family pet. The breed loves people, and enjoys playing and being outside. The Feist gets along well with older children and other pets. Daily exercise is a must, to give a Feist a chance to burn off energy, get mental stimulation and satisfy his hunting desires.

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How much does a Feist dog cost?

First off, a Feist will cost on average around $300 to $400. When you meet with breeders, be sure to ask about lineage and health. Feist dogs can come from a variety of backgrounds and there are many breed combinations.

How long does a Feist dog live?

A healthy Feist can live as long as 18 years. These are solid, healthy little dogs for the most part, but some can develop hip dysplasia and allergy problems. Their short coat is easy to manage. Just brush them every few days.

How much does a Mountain Feist cost?

Mountain Feist puppies cost between $300 and $500 USD each. Mountain Feist dogs are incredibly rare, and when in shelters they are commonly mistaken for other breeds. You may struggle to find a reputable breeder, or even find one of these dogs in a shelter.

How smart is a Feist dog?

6. Feist Dogs Are Very Intelligent. Luckily, training a Feist dog is not too difficult because they are very intelligent animals. All hunting dogs are intelligent because it is an essential part of tracking down prey.

How big will a Mountain Feist get?

Mountain Feists are small to medium size dogs, standing 12 to 18 inches at the withers are rarely weighing north of 30 pounds.

Are Mountain Feist good guard dogs?

Mountain Feists are normally protective over their owners and household. Read more about the guard dog and watchdog ability of Mountain Feists below.

Are Mountain Feist born with short tails?

Feists are small to medium-sized dogs 10 to 18 in (25 to 46 cm) tall, and weigh 15 to 30 lb (6.8 to 14 kg), short-coated dogs with long legs. The ears are set high on the head and are button, erect, or short hang. The tail can be natural, bobtail, or docked.

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Do Feists bark alot?

Treeing Feist The dogs instinctively know how to find and tree a squirrel and will then bark constantly until their owners reward them. They do especially well in homes with other dogs because they like being part of a pack.

Do Mountain Feist bark a lot?

The dogs are not overly aggressive towards humans, but they’re very protective of their human family, and they’re not afraid to bark repeatedly to alert their loved ones of danger. Enrolling a Mountain Feist puppy in obedience training can help it adapt to family life and its new environment.

How do you spell Feist?

Also fice, fyce [fahys]. Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a small mongrel dog, especially one that is ill-tempered; cur; mutt. South Midland U.S. to prance or strut about: Look at him feist around in his new clothes.

What do you feed a Mountain Feist?

Mountain Feist Food and Diet These dogs should eat around 400 calories of high-quality dog food formulated for active breeds. Since this breed is also susceptible to bloat, feed them two smaller meals each day rather than one large meal.

Do Mullins Feist shed?

Feists are generally low shedding dogs that only require a bit of brushing once a week. They have a short coat that is not hypoallergenic.

What breed makes the best squirrel dog?

The Mullens fiest, Barger fiest, mountain fiest, and American treeing fiest are all good squirrel dog breeds. Most fiests and curs make great family dogs, are good with kids, and will be a loyal companion as long as they live.

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