What Would A Dog With Cur/mountain Be Like? (Best solution)

Appearance. Mountain Curs are short-coated dogs which come in blue, black, yellow, brown, or brindle coloration. Some individuals will also show white markings on the face or chest. The weight is usually between 30 and 60 pounds, and height is 18-26 inches for males and 16-24 inches for females.

What dog breeds make up a mountain cur?

The Three Breeds That Make Up The Mountain Cur We do know that they are made up of a hunting dog, a terrier, and a Native American dog – therefore, logic suggests that the following three breeds which were prominent at the time – have a part to play.

Is a Mountain Cur a good family dog?

Mountain Curs can be rather affectionate with children and make wonderful family dogs. The Mountain Cur was bred to hunt, so they will not be able to share a household with smaller pets. Even with early socialization, the Mountain Cur should not live with cats due to their intense prey drive.

What is a Cur dog mixed with?

Cur dogs are believed to have descended from various combinations of Native American dogs that, over centuries, mixed with domesticated dogs brought to the continent by French and Spanish settlers.

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Are cur dogs aggressive?

A brief background of the Black Mouth Cur In the United States, a ‘cur’ is a purebred treeing dog. Curs originated in Southeastern US, where they were bred to work in farms and forests as cattle herders and wild hog hunters, respectively. The Black Mouth Cur is most commonly known as a hunting dog.

Do cur dogs make good pets?

Mountain Curs can make great family dogs. Once they become familiar with their human pack, you can count on these canines to be affectionate and friendly. If he experiences proper socialization, this Cur get along well with children and other pets.

Are mountain curs cuddly?

Although not the cuddly type, Mountain Curs are loyal and hard-working dogs who live to please their owners. They thrive in large open spaces and need the chance to exercise regularly.

How much do mountain cur puppies cost?

With all of that being said, a Mountain Cur puppy from a high-quality and reputable breeder is going to cost you quite a few bones. For a premium puppy that’s show quality and has papers, you should budget anywhere from $700 to $3,000. However, on average, Mountain Cur puppies will cost you around $400. 4

Are mountain cur dogs smart?

Mountain Cur is an intelligent dog that is devoted to his family and especially to his owner. These dogs were bred specially for trailing small game and treeing. Because of their intelligence, they can be trained easily.

Is Mountain Cur hypoallergenic?

The Mountain Cur is not a hypoallergenic dog. He also does not drool much because he has tighter fitting lips and not the typical hound jowls. Since he has ears that hang, be sure to check them weekly and clean as needed to prevent a foul odor or infection from occurring.

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How long do Mountain Cur dogs live?

A Mountain Cur isn’t a dog you encounter every day. Also known as the Mountain Kurr, this is a particularly rare dog, potentially being one of the rarest dog breeds. This rare dog’s population is on the rise for the first time since the 1930s.

What do cur dogs do?

Cur breeds are short-coated, medium to medium-large dogs used to hunt squirrel, raccoon, bear and mountain lion. In Texas and Louisiana, their prey is wild hog. Their treeing instinct is strong and they can tree small and large game and hold them at bay until hunters show up.

What breeds make up the black mouth cur?

Though no one knows their exact lineage, Black Mouth Curs are believed to descend from ancient European and Asian Cur-type herding and hunting dogs.

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