Why Does Dog Want To Kill The Mountain Game Of Thrones?

Why The Hound Went Into The Fire With The Mountain The Hound had really always known that his revenge attempt would be the last of him. It’s why he told Arya to turn back and not kill Cersei. The Hound had nothing left to do. His desire for revenge is all he was living for at that point.

Who is the mountain in Game of Thrones?

  • The Mountain, a.k.a. Gregor Clegane, a.k.a. now a literally rotting zombie, faced off against his little brother, The Hound, a.k.a. Sandor Clegane, a.k.a. the guy with the burned off face. And it was a knock-down, drag-out fight that saw BOTH brothers perish as the Red Keep collapsed around them.

Why does the Hound hate the mountain?

Originally Answered: Why does the mountain hate the hound although the hound never did anything to him (Game of Thrones)? When they were kids, little brother played with his toy. That is why he held his face in the fire, and that is why he hated him.

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Why does Oberyn fight the mountain?

Prince Oberyn Martell won. He toppled The Mountain, the deadliest swordsman in Westeros. And it was all because Oberyn didn’t just want to win his trial by combat content, he wanted The Mountain to publicly confess the heinous wartime crimes he committed against the Martell family.

Who is the guy with the burned face in Game of Thrones?

Like his brother, Sandor is regarded as one of the fiercest and strongest fighters in the Seven Kingdoms. His face is marked by gruesome facial burns he received as a child when his brother shoved his face into a brazier; ever since he has retained a crippling fear of fire.

Why did the hound want revenge on his brother?

They are more commonly known on Game of Thrones as The Hound and The Mountain. The show has been setting up a battle of revenge for The Hound since the beginning, because his brother is the one who scarred him as a child.

Who killed the viper?

The Red Viper then lunges and stabs him through his breastplate, causing Clegane to cough blood and fall on his back. With Clegane incapacitated, Oberyn once again demands that he admit to Elia’s death and reveal who orchestrated it, pointing accusingly at Tywin. Oberyn is brutally killed by Gregor.

Could Prince Oberyn have killed the Mountain?

Unfortunately, in the end, Oberyn was too wrapped up in trying to exact his revenge that he lowered his guard just long enough for The Mountain to kill him. If Oberyn weren’t clouded by his desire for revenge (hence a normal 1v1 combat), Oberyn could have bested The Mountain.

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Who fights the Mountain for Tyrion?

Tyrion first asks Jaime, and later Bronn, to fight for him, but both refuse. Finally, Oberyn Martell volunteers to be Tyrion’s champion, as he wants to avenge his sister Elia, whom the Mountain raped and murdered along with killing her children during the Sack of King’s Landing.

Why does Sandor protect Arya?

Though he tracks her down when she runs away and claims to want to ransom her to her family, in truth, he’s protecting her and teaching her survival skills for the road. Arya’s cruelty saves the Hound’s life.

How did Daenerys go mad?

She used fire to kill the Khals who planned to rape her or sell her into slavery or both — and gained an army of Dothraki in the process. She burned the ships of the Masters who tried to re-enslave the people she freed. Varys’ death in the latest episode may have been hard, but he did in fact plot to usurp the queen.

Was the Hound a good guy?

He is certainly not a moral character, but he also has redeeming qualities. Much of the first four seasons are devoted to his moral ambiguity before he becomes more of a full-on hero in the later seasons. These are the five most despicable things The Hound ever did (and five times he was a hero).

Why do Sandor and Gregor hate each other?

The brothers’ hatred of one another goes deeper than Sandor’s first hand experience of Gregor’s cruelty. They are constantly at odds because they are one another’s intellectual and spiritual opposite, yet they are deeply connected by blood.

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Why did Sandor Clegane hate his brother?

It was because in a small fight between him and clegane, Gregor burned his brother Sandor!! In the season 1 of Game of thrones, Sandor recites his childhood fights and tortures his brother gave to Sansa. He tells her that because of his monstrous elder brother,he had to endure a traumatic childhood.

What is wrong with Ser Gregor?

It is later revealed that The Mountain has been poisoned with manticore venom, a poison with which Oberyn had laced his weapon, and that he is slowly dying. Cersei enlists ex-maester Qyburn to save him, though Qyburn claims that the procedure will “change” Clegane.

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