Oestrus, mated dogs, childbirth


Puberty in dogs occurs at different ages:
for bitches 7 months. – 1 year 4 mo. (expressed in estrus), males 9 months. – 1 year 2 months. (begins to raise his paw and put labels). Typically, larger dogs mature later. But knitting at an early age can not. Should give the dog is fully grown, emerge and grow stronger. The recommended age for first mating – 1,5 years.


Knitting can be a bitch on 2 nd or 3rd heat. Estrus is 2 times a year, or after 8 months. Sometimes 3-4 times a year, but the 1 st or 2 nd chutes are empty. In such cases, the female after mating is empty, no need to worry. It is necessary to repeat estrus following mating, and, as a rule, females schenyatsya. If the dog and re-knitting is still empty, you must apply to the veterinarian and find out why. Oestrus in females is from 21 to 28 days. Females current 21 days usually knitted from 10 th to 14 th day, and females the current 28-day tally with 14th and 18 th day. Matings are rare at the 18 th – 23 th day, it happens in young or old dogs.

Determine readiness young females is difficult, but close observation will tell you. Female day hunting is playful, restless, poskulivaet and usually refuses to feed. Loop bitch gets soft, providing bright, small in quantity, it is sometimes a bit of light blood. To ensure the readiness of females need to stroke his fingers around the loop. If the female’s tail attaches to the side or upwards, raises the noose up, freezes in the rack, so it is ready for knitting.


bitch knit 1 or 2 times during estrus. Experienced pedigree dog bitch knits only when it is fully ripe, in this case is often lacking and one mating. Many believe that the dog did not give the puppies – this is not correct, the number of puppies depends on the time of mating of mature eggs. Male does not give puppies only in those cases where it is: young, not experienced, hungry, barren, and, if mated was not time. Very rarely, do not like female – estrus weakly smells or is not mature eggs, while male is not interested in (do not lick, do not cares). Sometimes a dog is actively courting a female, but not knits. This means that the bitch is not ripe, although she is not against mated. In such cases, the female comes to the dog through the day. Knitting dogs for the first time, I recommend a trainer or experienced dog handlers. Before the dog to handle viscous solution of manganese in the tail and genitals. Female must be proglistogonenna a few days before estrus. Knitting bitch, as a rule, that of the dog (on its territory, it does not admit it).
For matings must have: a good muzzle, leather dog collar, leash. Females often Caucasian Shepherd dog to not let themselves in such cases, the dog must be tied or kept. Full viscous considered to be mating with the lock. Although sometimes dogs divorced and without a lock, but, nevertheless, schenyatsya.


From the first days of the dog must be fully fed, much to walk, because formation of the fruit comes from the first days of pregnancy. Jump and Run dog can be up to one month, in the second half of pregnancy should avoid running, jumping, stress. The first half of pregnancy should be fed 2-3 times per day, the second half 3-4. Be sure to include in the diet of vitamins and mineral fertilizer, the same as for growing puppies.


1 st diet – dry food is Royal Canin starter, meat, offal, vitamins, mineral feed.
2nd diet – meat 0,5-1,0 kg per day.
You can alternate with fresh-frozen marine fish, are required eggs, butter, cottage cheese, milk (if not weak), fresh and cooked vegetables, fresh herbs.
vitamins and calcium glycerophosphate to give every day of 8-10 tablets (the rate of 1 g per pup). Calcium glycerophosphate can increase


What should you prepare? In your medicine cabinet should be: iodine, bandages, cotton wool, syringe 2 ml (preferably disposable), cardiac agents (kordiamin, etc.), 2 packs of oxytocin injection, calcium chloride to stop the bleeding. Also prepare a pair of scissors, thread, paper towels, old, but necessarily sterile towels or diapers for rubdown puppies. In attending the delivery should be cut short nails.

Before birth the dog’s behavior changed dramatically. Usually for one day the dog starts to refuse food or eat only favorite.
Closer to leave a dog urinating frequently, often breathing with his mouth opens wide. Female now and then looks down at the tail, tossing, changing places, digs. Nipple starts to separate colostrum.

Temperature drops to 36,5 ° C. Measure the temperature at this point is pointless, because it causes the dog concerned.
Before delivery to a wide bandage dog wagged its tail and make iodine in a small tank for cautery cord.
When signs of close confinement, place the dog in those places where she will give birth and do not leave her alone. Attempts begin slowly with intervals of 0,5-1,0 hours, then become more frequent. When the interval is 1 -3 minutes – wait for a puppy. And then bitch gave birth to a puppy – do not wait until the bitch starts to process it.

Must immediately release the face and body of a puppy from the film, and the nose and mouth of mucus (wet rag and wipe your mouth with a napkin).
To tear or cut umbilical cord, leaving no more than 1,5-2,0 can see next to feed the dog (no more than 2), otherwise the dog may be severe diarrhea. Tear the umbilical cord is too short not on this often hernia, just as bad as its bite off bitch herself. Prizhgite umbilical cord, dipping it in iodine or hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle powder streptocide.

Wipe dry with a puppy and put it under the bitch suck the milk until the start of the next generations. When the puppy is doing it – the bitch activity reduces uterus.

Again went into labor. Remove the puppy in a box, where the heater is wrapped in a sterile cloth, top cover with a warm, thick blanket. Keep in mind that the puppy was in the stomach at a temperature of 38-39 ° C, so at room temperature, it is cold.
Puppy can go as head and feet forward, both provisions are normal. If the puppy goes head and got stuck, try podlezt two bent as pliers, fingers from the top or bottom of the head, and, in time any attempts pull puppy. If the puppy is legs in any case not pull on its tail or leg that you can cripple it. Try to collect two legs and tail together, and waiting for the strong attempts, remove the puppy, as if unscrewing it down to the stomach. When he left intercept of the umbilical cord. Pulling it, try to pull out the place.

If a puppy is not breathing, releasing mucus from his nose, put the puppy on two hands up their legs so that the left arm were the scapula, in the right pelvis. Lower the pup down and start folding it like, connecting the front and rear legs together while the fingers of his left hand, press and release the left shoulder blade pup, thus you do a heart massage. Puppy is not breathing – do not lose hope, keep on, at the same time, her lips breathe air into his mouth. Does not shrink from this, the procedure is necessary to save lives, to the same puppy sterile. Sometimes we have to pump out puppies and up to 30 minutes. Continue up until breathing becomes frequent, and the language porozoveet. Put the baby in a diaper and two palms very quickly grind it until it starts beeping. Then put the puppy in a box for the rest. His life largely depends on whether he got amniotic fluid in the lungs. After 1-2 hours, place the puppy under the bough, help him take the nipple, with the push it to the milk went. If the puppy is well sucks mother, it will live. If he takes the nipple, but is constantly losing it, while squealing – this is bad. Most likely the puppy will die in the next 5 days. Do not torment him or herself, do not try to treat it, it’s useless. If you can, it is best put to sleep, or drown.

Normal birth last from several hours to days. The intervals between the birth of puppies more than two hours are undesirable. It is necessary to make an injection of oxytocin, if after the injection within 20 minutes the puppy was born, the countdown is on him. After 2 hours, if the puppy is not born, check with your fingers, not whether it across. In normal situation make another shot. Do not be afraid of oxytocin, it is perfectly aktiruet milk. When you realize that the birth was over, give her another shot, to make atonement after 30 minutes. If the next day the dog is behaving calmly deals with the puppies, she has no discharge, greenish, then went to her birth successfully. If bitch restless, breathing heavily and not pay attention to the puppies, make it three injections of oxytocin at intervals of 30 minutes. Usually, after the female gives birth to the last puppy or leaves the place.

As a rule, obstructed labor are the absence of bubbles or space. The reason for this may be confusing the place or one place for two (twins). For large litters of the uterine muscles are stretched and not very capable of rapidly declining.

If you are pierced bitch on the second day, and it is to no avail – immediately contact your veterinarian.

Small selection can be 1-3 weeks.

If the bitch little milk, pierce her oxytocin in the morning and evening for 2 ml, for 1-Zdney. Also good at helping lactam calcium. Let pills bitch before feeding.
After childbirth dog needs good food. Do not exclude raw meat. Yourself for a taste of the dog, only that it ate and drank more.

If your dog was born a lot of puppies, divide them into two parts and placed under the bitch on the line, changing every 2-2,5 hours. When alternation will all be hungry, and will not repel each other. Often, tired bitch falls asleep, pressing the puppy – and periodically check it.

10-14 days you can leave a bitch all the puppies. If the puppy diarrhea, then immediately drive out worms puppies and bitch, and the next day to let abomin 0,5 tablets baktisubtil, etc. At the same time to treat and bitch.

Ears and fingers pups preferably cut short the first time four days . To the ears were properly and nicely cropped, refer to a specialist. Unfortunately, most doctors incorrectly cut ears, and sometimes a fifth (profits) finger, leaving a phalanx under the skin. The beauty of the head of the Caucasian Shepherd to a large extent depends on the proper cupping his ears.


In the absence of the bitch milk replace it with an artificial “Royal Canin A-1” every 2-2,5 hours.
In weeks of age must instill puppy NOBI-VAC PUPPY DP in accordance with the instructions.
With 2-weeks should give porridge “Royal Canin A-2”. If porridge is eaten badly, you can try to give balls “Royal Canin” starter, soaked in milk or warm boiled water 3-4 hours .. You can gradually enter mince.
In 14 days, the puppies should proglistogonit.
Starting from the 3rd week, accustom the puppy to raw minced meat (beef or offal, but not fat).
Carefully follow the schedule immunization.
scheme of feeding dry food “Royal Canin” starter
1 day – 1 pea 2 times a day (morning and evening)
2-nd day – one pea 3 times (morning, afternoon, evening)
3rd day – one pea 3 times a day;
4-th day – one 4 times a day;
5-th day – on 2 Pea 4 times a day;
6-th day – to increase to the desired portion
If there is insufficient milk to feed the puppies can start on this scheme with a 15-day and age. Identify shortages of milk in females may be on the behavior of puppies: they squeak, do not grow well, worried.

Oestrus, mated dogs, childbirth

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