Puppies for sale

Caucasian Shepherd dog also known as Caucasian Mountain dog or Ovcharka in Russian is a serious breed for serious people. The dogs are intelligent, strong, loyal, reliable for security of your home and family.

Our Kennel Voronezhskie Bogatyri is a recognized leading kennel in Russia and Europe in raising the best puppies of Caucasian Shepherd breed for sale.

Female #2 for sale 5.5 months

Female #5 for sale (4 months)

Female #7 for sale (6 months)

Female #8 for sale 4 months

Male #1 for sale 5.5 months

All our puppies are sold with proper documents. The cost depends on the exterior of the puppies, size and future prospects for breeding, as well as the parents of the puppy and their titles.

We sell dogs vaccinated by age. We raise the puppies until they matured and reached at least 3.5 months of age, and then complete all the necessary vaccinations. We breed for quality, not for quantity, so each puppy is long-awaited and highly demandable in Russia and all over the world.

We can ship our puppies almost to any country, so please let us know your location and we will give you the exact price of the puppy including shipping cost and options.

You can contact me personally any time with to book a puppy, amount of puppies in the upcoming litter is limited.