Review from Marco Lobera, Spain

You can read the full story of the Caucasian Shepherd dog Tutsi on the website of her owner Marco Lobera  The website is in Spanish, so we’ve translated the story into English.

Tutsi is a Caucasian ovcharka brought to Spain in March 2005, aged one year and a half (born on September 28, 2003) from the Russian kennel Voronezhskie Bogatyri, situated in the city of Voronezh located about 600 km south of Moscow, from the owner Alexander Borisovich Pankratov.

Her pedigree is excellent, and like all my Caucasian dogs she is the daughter of the champion of Russia Bagrat, highly reputed dog … Her mother is Ganna and in her genealogy there are very important dogs like Demon and Mega Champion Risk. This is a very famous dog, World champion, Graf also has genealogy.

Physically I feel that she is a tremendous dog, possibly, the best of my dogs. It is a tall dog, 74cm and very massive and compact, she sometimes looks like a bulldog. Really very wide, bestial structure to be female and long bone compared is greater than my core. The weight just over 2 years is 61kg. As for her very dense fur, she has the most long hair among my dogs though perhaps in the photos it is not seen because they have been taken after the summer when she had pulled her hair. They are grayish, very wolfish. Her head is very nice, correct teeth and she has an expression of Caucasian dogs.

As for the character, which is the most important in this breed, I’m very happy. It is a territorial dog, although significant degree of distrust and less than Graf and Onso (my other Caucasian dogs) but very safe, even more than Onso. She is very active in guard behind the fence, has good level of deterrence. The dog is very active in fighting with other dogs and dominant, that sometimes leads to conflicts even with males for food or guardian.

Despite she came to my house almost an adult, she is very obedient and love me too much. At first she was colder to me than Onso and Graf, but now has been attached to me and became such affectionate like them. Overall she seems to be very balanced. The truth is that I love this dog, sometimes I think she is so great or even better than Onso. Well, anyway she is still very young and has to follow her evolution. I expect a lot from her.


Review from Marco Lobera, Spain

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