Review from Zaeer Hussain

I wanted the best guard dog breed in the world as well as being friendly and protective over family, so after weeks of research I concluded that the ovcharkas were the best breed for this. 

Now that I found the best breed i had to find the best breeder in the world to give me the best example of the caucasian ovcharka in the attitude, character and looks, hence I choose VB kennels, Russia.

My male is nearly two years old now, and is perfect example of the breed, he looks awesome and powerful, he protects my farm and family with heart and most of all great with children!

Thanks Alex for this fine dog, great example of the Bagrat line

Zaeer (United Kindom)

Review from Zaeer Hussain

You can contact me personally any time with to book a puppy, amount of puppies in the upcoming litter is limited.