Sentry duty

The use of guard dogs greatly enhances the protection of various objects and reduces the number of persons employed in the protection. Guard dog should be accustomed to exercise the loud barking at the approach to the subject of unauthorized persons, detention of people attempting to enter the facility, and searched the area. Conditioned stimuli: a team “Protect!” and gesture, showing his hand in the direction of the Assistant. Unconditioned stimuli: Assistant blows rod. The immediate training of dogs for guard service start after the establishment of the initial conditioned reflexes total obedience of anger and to teach them to apprehend a fleeing man. Depending on the conditions of guards used dogs to serve on a checkpoint, a remote leash and post free okaraulivaniya. In all cases, their Training is conducted on a single principle, but with some features of the service in office. The most difficult is to teach the dogs for duty at a checkpoint. The original dog training must be conducted on a specially equipped office. The equipment at the checkpoint, depending on the size of the protected area, a checkpoint could be set for up to 100 m. For this set 2 column with a diameter of 15-20 cm, are buried in the ground to not less than 1 m. The height of the column from the ground level should be at least 2 m between the pillars at a height of 2 m is stretched rope or wire diameter from 0,6 to 1 cm in such a way that, in the middle of the block-house cable sag is not lower than na’ – 1, 5 m above the ground. On the cable (wire) is put on the ring or clip to block the chain ends of the cable fixed on poles in a specially made for the seizure or a special device. At a distance of 2,5-3 m from the pillars on the cable (wire) set-delay constraints in the form of wire or solder okrutok plates. Around each pillar is guy in the opposite cable tension. In the middle section of the roadblocks, some retreated to the side for the length of the chain for the dog set trehstennaya box, front side toward the middle of the cable unit. Some booths fit wooden board the size of 0,75 x 1 m. Based on the terrain, the nature of the protected object and the availability of building material can be fitted with roadblocks of various systems. In all cases, the land along the width of the post of 10-12 m should be flat and cleared of stones, stumps, bushes, etc. You can pull the rope between two trees, clearing the area along the post. Also, you can pull the rope between two poles, consisting of two or three poles tied together at the top and bottom ends of the divorced. These roadblocks often built in places with a wet and soft ground where the poles can not be firmly established in the ground. The method and technique training of first briefed the Assistant, which indicates the location of the shelter, the path of motion to the dog, the beginning and course of action. After the departure of assistant trainer for cover tie dog on a chain roadblock and runs with it several times along the roadblock, taught her not to be afraid of the traffic noise of the ring or roller to rope. Then gives the command “Protect!” and gesture in the direction of the Assistant. At this time the assistant to the costume dressing produces noises and moves in the direction of the post. At first the noises should be quite strong and with a slight pause between them. Once the dog barks at noises assistant trainer encourages her team “Good!”, Stroking and repeats the command “Protect!”. Then the assistant comes to the dog makes attempts to attack and cause the dog flicking a switch. Suffice arousing dog, Assistant runs along the checkpoint, pulling it behind him, the trainer should be a dog, arousing her team “fase”. Once the dog is quite active and bark fly at the Assistant, the latter runs into the side of the roadblock. Trainer frees a dog with a chain and is forcing to detain a fleeing assistant. After his arrest, Assistant to the guard outside the post. First 2-3 classes are held during the day and in the presence of the trainer, then entered various complications. Classes are transferred to the evening and night time, under different weather conditions (rain, snow, cold, wind, etc.).

Trainer is moving away from the dog in the shelter and only after a loud barking out to her. Assistant gradually reduces the force issued rustles, increases the time between the start of service dogs in the office and the beginning of the assistant. Changed the nature of the assistant. Dog must be barked at or boldly detain assistant, who is trying to penetrate the fence post by throwing boards, break or slit the fence, dig through and with the help of other tricks. Further Training guard dogs should be conducted with the assistance of two helpers. Thus it is necessary to carry out various versions of the assistants. The two assistants can operate simultaneously from different sides – one distracts the dog and the other is trying to penetrate through the checkpoint. Aides must occur outside roadblock in order to accustom the dog to oblaivaniyu persons appearing in the post. Gradually lengthening the time the dog stay in office and brought up to 8-10 hours. Increasing the time between the beginning of service dogs in the office and the beginning of the assistant. It is necessary to develop a dog’s habit of prolonged alertness. Classes are transferred from academic post at the station, where she will serve. Further training of dogs is carried out in conjunction with Schooling to reject food. After making a dog’s skill watchful protection over a long time and loud oblaivaniya unauthorized persons must enter the detention by the search assistant district. This instructed the assistant, entering through the fence, passes the checkpoint, so that his dog bark furiously, and hiding behind the local objects at a distance of 50-60 m. The trainer heard a dog barking, resorting to the post and took the dog by the leash to be taking on a search areas. Commands and gestures during a search apply are the same as in training dogs for other services and to the searched area. Following the discovery of the Assistant made his detention and conveyance.

1. Schooling dogs for service on a stationary post (a remote leash) 

Fixed positions are established on poorly viewed sites to cover certain passages between the buildings, gates and doors of storage (warehouses). Place for the post must be cleared at the site at least. 15 square. m. Some of the protected object to a depth of 0,75-1 meters into the ground breaks pole diameter of up to 20 cm in height above ground of not less than 1 meter to the post in various ways attached metal chain with a swivel, a chain attached to a harness guard dog. In the middle of the chain is recommended to insert a spring to absorb jerks dog. Some post installed wooden shed for shelter dogs in inclement weather. Instead of installing the poles can sometimes tie the dogs to the footboards, nailed to the wall. Training dogs on a leash deaf carried in the same sequence as in the preparation of dogs for service at a checkpoint. The only difference is that the actions of a facilitator and trainer with a dog limited by the size of the protected area.

2. Schooling dogs to free okaraulivaniyu 

The main condition for the free okaraulivaniya is the presence around the area quite dense, durable and high (at least 2 m) fence, which excludes the possibility of escape dogs or penetration outside the protected territory of the other dogs or animals. For the protection of warehouses, shops, a dog can be inside the building. In the fence gate is installed, through which the dog is admitted and is derived from the post. The gate is closed from the outside of the bolt and locked in the lock. The key is to be a trainer. The length of the protected area the dog can be up to 150 m. As a rule, the area should be cleared of debris and various sharp objects. For the protection of several dogs territory is divided into sections, separated one from the other partitions. Schooling dogs to free okaraulivaniyu performed in sequence. Trainer came with a dog on the post, holds her area or premises to become familiar with fasting. In the first two or three classes a dog is on a short leash. During the familiarization with fasting trainer periodically utters the command “Protect!”. Pre instructed the assistant, making noises, slowly coming to the fence (the room) and started banging on the fence (wall), to attract the attention of the dog. Trainer, repeating the command “Protect”, sends the dog toward the helper. The Assistant climb over a fence, shed or tunnel (the window) on the inner side, attacking the dog, causing it to flick a switch and comes with her in the struggle. The exercise ends escort assistant outside the office. The following classes are processed the same complexity and in the same sequence as in training dogs at the checkpoint. Skill okaraulivaniya is worked out if the dog is a long time (8-10 hours) warily guarding plot object, barking alert to the appearance of unauthorized persons, boldly enters into conflict with them and goes to detention (up to 100 m), and searches the land area (100×100 m) adjacent to the site and, while on duty, not taking food, as found on the ground, and proposed a stranger.

Training guard dogs 

Guard dog training is conducted at the sites where they are deployed, mostly in the dark. In this case, the dog will quickly get used to the peculiarities of the protected area and more active and alert would serve. During the training should develop skills in the dog long alertness, quick reaction to the slightest noises, noises, and barking in the case of an active approach of a stranger to the protected object. Along with exercises to challenge the dog barking at loud noises and other auditory stimuli at least twice a week to let her have a detention aide, who is trying to penetrate the object. Methodology and technology management dog during a training session in basically the same as in training the guard dogs. In special sessions, the facility must conduct training dogs for the development of malice, disciplinary and other methods of training club.

Sentry duty

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