The exterior of the caucasian ovcharka

Selection of dogs for conformation is based on a materialistic view of the relationship of form and function, the external structure of the animal (exterior), with its intrinsic properties (interior).

«All the organic nature is one continuous proof of identity and continuity of form and content. Morphological and physiological phenomena, form and function is dependent on each other ».

Major role in the development of the theory of the exterior of animals owned by Russian scientists. Professor PN Kuleshov, MI Pridorogin, academics, MF Ivanov, EF Liskun and others, examining the exterior of animals, aims to establish a connection build an animal with its environment, with the conditions of existence and its suitability for a particular job. Examination of the animal in a dog-trainer based on anatomical and physiological basis and on a par with the selection of official qualities, and origin of seed is one of the parties to a comprehensive selection of tribal and polzovatelnyh animals.

Description exterior dogs begin with a tour of the head. The skull structure is a characteristic feature of the breed of the animal because of its sex and age. The volume of the heads of the different species varies. In some species the head heavy, massive, with pronounced ridges of the skull, is rich in musculature. In other species the head light, dry, with a narrow and elongated skull, and poor musculature.

Anatomically bead is divided into cranial and facial (face) part. CRANIAL consists of the occipital bone from the occipital bone from the frontal and other bones. Some individuals inion strongly supports and serves as a characteristic feature of some breeds. Depending on the degree of development and form of the frontal bone frontal part of the head may be flat, convex, broad, narrow, with sharp or gradual transition to the muzzle.

Degree of development of the zygomatic bone muscle affects the shape of the front of the head.

Caucasian ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog)

Caucasian ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog) – an ancient breed of herding dogs – is widespread in the CIS: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Krasnodar, Rostov, Stavropol, Astrakhan and other areas.
The main form of use of the Caucasian Shepherd – the protection of herds. For centuries it cultivated a faithful companion, shepherd, protecting the flock from wolves and boldly enters into combat with them.
As a result of prolonged use for the protection of herds and the selection of features for this purpose, the Caucasian Shepherd almost no gain from the training of young people the necessary skills through learn from them from the older dogs. Stamina and fitness Caucasian Shepherd makes her indispensable to the local conditions. Natural malice, distrust of the people, and easy adaptability to different conditions allow the use of this breed of dogs for guard duty.

Caucasian ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog) differ in their types.
In the mountainous areas distributed over crude constitutional type dogs in the steppe areas – a strong, dry type.

best and most offspring of the same type common in Georgia. This is the most large breed dogs, a massive addition, several squat. Index prolixity 108-112. For the most part long-haired, monochromatic colors (zonarnoserye, brown, yellow), the percentage of mottled colors negligible.
Dogs, common in Armenia, Georgia smaller. Index prolixity shortened – 102-100. In addition to the above colors, common mackerel. The percentage of spotted dogs and small.
Azerbaijan encountered two types: in mountain areas – long-haired, near to the Georgian, on a wet dog tapa and in steppe areas – short-haired, light, strong and dry-type constitution. Index stretching of both types ranges from 106 to 110.

For dogs that have received distribution in Azerbaijan, besides the usual, typical color, rarely found in other areas, red with dark mask.

In the steppe regions have a large number of spotted dogs (about 30%).
Dogs in the Dagestan ASSR differ in conformation and probably evolved under the influence of several types. Basically it is a dog large, coarse and strong type constitution, with the right shape head, is dominated by individuals with short or intermediate coat, square build, noticeable relative vysokonogost – Index of stretching of 103. Color varied, a large number of sika (35%) and a lot of brindle dogs.

In Salsk, Levokumskij, Stavropol and Astrakhan steppes of the Caucasian ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog) type of drastic change. The mass is large, easy to dogs with more refined than in mountainous areas, bone, vysokonogie relatively stenocephalous. Type constitution strong, dry, index prolixity of about 100.

Caucasian ovcharka (Caucasian Mountain dog) – Dog tall, with a massive bone structure, sensitive, spiteful and wary of strangers.
head with a massive broad skull, broad forehead, flat, groove divided into two parts. The transition from the frontal part of the snout to the little noticed.

Muzzle is massive, blunt, shorter than the length of the forehead, with dry, close fitting lips.
Eyes oval, obliquely set, small size, dark color.
Ears drooping, small, triangular in shape, they are usually cut short at a young age.
The teeth are large, white with a scissor bite.
Neck powerful, low-set, short, with a strong nape.
Backbone of a strong, rough. Massive musculature.
Back is wide, strong with well-developed withers.
Croup broad, horizontally set.
Chest broad and deep, should not be below the elbows.
Abdomen moderately tucked.
Tail highly planted, along comes the hock, usually serpoobraznoy form or ring. In some areas the tail passed nausea (cut).
Angle of shoulder blade and upper arm approximately 100 °. Forearm and wrist broad, thick; metacarpus short, vertically set.
Hindquarters well-muscled, somewhat rectified in the knee and hock, but the angle of the hocks should be well defined.
Metatarsus thick, vertically set.
The feet are large, round, arched.
Height – for dogs should not be below 65 cm for females, 62 cm length of the body slightly exceeds the height at the withers (the index prolixity 100-110).
Color varied: zonarnosery different shades of white, brown, pale «mask» and without it, mackerel, spotted and red, black shepherd dogs are not typical.
Coat is straight, coarse, with a strongly developed undercoat of a brighter color. There are long-haired shepherd, shorthaired and intermediate, usually the result of interbreeding between them.
I longhaired strongly developed «mane», giving the dog a special beauty, there are “trousers” on the hind legs, «feathering» on the front.
bushy tail, with the suspension.

Dogs intermediate type with a considerable length of hair does not have a mane, tops, pants and hung on the tail. Characteristic gait – an easy trot and heavy, but fast gallop.

The exterior of the caucasian ovcharka

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