Training a puppy of caucasian mountain dog

Upbringing and maintenance of a puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) are very closely interconnected. The correct maintenance is the beginning of upbringing.

Upbringing of a puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) is not yet training, this is only the inculcation of necessary habits, that will subsequently help its training.

Obligatory training of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) is guard duty, but habits and some commands from the general course of training are necessary to the owner to control the dog.

By the time when the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) can be trained on the area of a club, it must have some disciplining habits: knowing the nickname, calling up, place, seating, the demonstration of teeth, walking near. But they must be mastered in a game, without the violence, encouraging for each execution of a habit. You must not demand from the puppy of long exposure and capability for prolonged occupations. The master must use only standard commands.

Upbringing of a puppy begins from its appearance in the house. The owner must always be patient with the puppy, but persistent. If the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) does not know, learn him, does not want – make him.

1. First training steps: feeding in specific hours, no tips from the table, between the feedings, dainty only for the execution of a method, caress only from family members).

2. There should only one person in the family to train the dog at home and on the ground.

3. One ought not to allow any indulgences, which are amusing in a small puppy and are unpleasant in an adult dog, for example, to jump at the master, climb to the sofa.

4. If it is necessary to punish the puppy, then do it only at the moment of doing an undesirable act and it is not always by a physical action, sometimes the intonation of voice it is sufficient. Punishment of a puppy after a certain time after doing a misdeed will bring only harm, since he will not understand, what he was punished for.

5. Do not let teasing puppy and causing him pain to others. Do not permit strangers to caress your puppy.

6. Do not set puppy to outside people, aggressiveness will naturally appear in it with age. During the independent attempt of the puppy to bark a stranger in the apartment or at your court – encourage him. On the street the puppy must not manifest aggression, distract him by a toy, subject, forbidding command.

7. The first thing to teach the puppy is his nickname Giving the fodder, it is necessary to call his nickname, adding command “Up to me!”. After calling the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka), pet it or give a dainty, encouraging puppy for the approach. Nickname serves puppy as a signal ” attention!”. Any command or action with respect to the dog usually follows the nickname. Never distort the nickname, giving to it diminutive or other forms, do not repeat it too frequently and aimlessly.

Command “Up to me!” must not be given with a threatening tone, this command is the most affectionate for the puppy. If the puppy does not obey, distract him, switch his attention, repeat the command by a clearer tone, force to carry out. After execution – caress and encouragement.

So that your call at any time would be stronger than all street temptations, it is necessary from the early age to attach the unfailing fulfillment of the command “Up to me!” taking into account the individual characteristics of the dog. Gourmet in encouraged for each approach upon the command by a piece of a slide block, by a raisin or at least by a small crumb of bread. An attentive, affectionate puppy is encourage by scratching behind the ear. The mischievous is rewarded by a game with a ball or another entertainment.

On the jaunt there should be a dainty at hand, which is given to the puppy with each calling up, then let puppy go by the command “go for a walk!”. But one ought not to make this too frequently, after tiring, the puppy will not react to your command. It is not possible to use command “Up to me!” when you want to take puppy home, and it did not walk enough. He rapidly will understand, what the matter is, and will not approach to this command.

It may happen that the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) willingly runs up after the dainty, but he tries to obtain it, without giving up. To avoid this you ought not catch him each time he runs up upon the command, but the dainty must be given only after his stoppage near the trainer and smoothing of head, neck.

It is not good to punish the dog that misbehaved far from the trainer, after calling up by command: dog has a short memory, and the obtained dressing down it will connect not with its misdeed, but with the approach to your call.

If it is necessary to punish dog approach it from behind, you wait for at the moment of misdeed and finally throw something in it, but your call must promise only pleasure and encouragement. Otherwise, it is impossible to attain obedience.

8. You must not punish the puppy, if it does not approach to the call or runs away from the master.

Whenever he comes up, it is necessary to give affection him and to give him a dainty. It may happen that upon the command “Up to me!” the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) at first goes to you, but then stops at a certain distance from the master. You start approaching to him – he runs off, or simply awaits, remaining on the spot. To force the stubborn to approach it is possible, after making several sharp steps from it, or after punishing for the disobedience by the well-aimed throw of a stone. It is possible to hide from the puppy, for the beginning not far so that it you would see him, and then call his nickname. When the frightened naughty one runs up, it it is necessary without a fail to praise and to pet.

9. A puppy rapidly gets accustomed to the corner diverted for it, but it is necessary that it would go there and it would remain on the spot on the order. To do it try to grasp the moment, when the puppy itself wants to be directed toward its bed.

For example, after a walk, and give the command “place!”, and then encourage for the necessary action. In other cases, after the command ” place!”, puppy is taken for the collar and installed in the place. A strict tone of orders from the moment, when little-one occurs in his corner, they change by the encouraging word ” good “, which is pronounced in soft, praising intonations. Disobedience and attempts to leave the place are suppressed by a strict repetition of the command or by a slap.

10. Approximately from 2-3 months of age one should train to the command: ” fie!”, preventing an undesirable action, but one should remember that is not necessary incessantly, on the trifles to fie the puppy.

The command ” fie!”, in contrast to “Up to me!”, is strict, it follows persistently, but without roughness to attain its fulfillment.

11. From 4-5 months one should train to the command ” sit down!”, later to the command “lie down!”, without giving a long exposure.

12. From 4 months it is good, after meeting on the jaunt a small river, to force puppy to swim across it (but not to throw the puppy into the water), to jump over through a ditch, to overcome the lying log. In this case it must not be forgotten that the bone-joint apparatus of a puppy has not yet become strong, and not to misuse jumps.

13. In 4-5 months train to the command “near!”. It is better to work at this method, when you go from the walk and puppy it is sufficient walked. In the beginning of a walk it is useful to move puppy on the guide into the stretch without the command, this is useful for the formation of limbs and strengthening of back.

14. Approximately from the 6 months age train to the muzzle, putting it on softly, without violence, at first for a short period. During the attempt to remove the muzzle it is necessary to put it on in order and to give the forbidding command.

15. You must not allow attempts to pursuit animals, birds, the passing transport, and also you must not hunt the dogs between themselves.

16. The puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) must not fear the street noise, movement of motor vehicles, trains. So one should begin walking with it from quiet streets, gradually passing to those more animated.

17. Bringing up the puppy, it is necessary to pay considerable attention to its guarding qualities and, first of all, to the development of distrustful relation to outside persons, who must not caress, feed, and tease the puppy. Unskillful approach to the puppy can inculcate cowardice instead of development.

18. It is very important to train puppy at necessary moments to forego food.
To finalize the method moment of dog feeding is used, and also giving dainty. During the attempt of the puppy to take its fodder it is retained by the command ” fie!”, ” You can’t!” and by the guide. It can take the food only after the command “take!”.

Complicating the method, you prolonged endurance of the dog above the fodder. On the street and in other places failure of the obtained fodder is encouraged by a dainty from the pocket.

It is inadmissible so that the puppy would take fodder from the strange hands. Do not allow in no case for the strangers (but for the puppy all – strangers, except the limited circle of the members of family) to feed and to caress your puppy. Ask someone of your friends to entertain the puppy, and at the moment of the attempt to take fodder, let your familiar slap or pinch for the nose. Call up the frightened puppy, caress him and entertain. You must not train to the failure of the fodder before 4-5 months in order not to intimidate the puppy of Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka), and before this age – no strange caress!

Frequently the owners of the dogs of the Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) breed have problems:

  1. During the feeding of the dog (dog does not allow to approach the master, when it will eat food).
  2. With the demonstration of teeth on the exhibition (dog bites the master, because it is not trained or is not subordinated to the desire of the master).
  3. Dog is not subordinated, it does not listen to the master (it does not consider the master its leader).


From the first day of the appearance of the puppy in your house, with the feeding of puppy pay more attention to it by your presence, stir slowly by hand its food. Train the puppy to entrust to you. It will rapidly become accustomed to this and it will not guard food from you. So you should take away a toy from the puppy, and also titbit piece. If puppy receives this well and it returns without the difficulty, encourage by caress and by glad intonation, after which it is necessary to return the taken away object to the dog. In case of a malicious attempt to bite the master or a member of the family, it is necessary to severely put the dog in order, after that saying by a command voice ” fie!”, strike if necessary, but at the same moment and in reasonable limits. In such cases you must not be inferior to the puppy, otherwise the puppy will become impudent and confidently feel itself a master.

Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) is one of the strongest breeds, that knows force, respects itself, with hereditary spite. Therefore it is subordinated only to a strong person. It is first of all necessary to find contact, mutual understanding, it is compulsory that the puppy would respect and would feel your superiority over it, and also will understand, for what it is punished.

So you train the puppy to be subordinated to you, to show teeth and to return any objects, without snapping at this.

Training a puppy of caucasian mountain dog

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