Vaccination of caucasian shepherd puppies and dogs

Every dog owner wishes his Shepherd dog to be healthy and not to be ill. Dogs can be protected against some infections with the help of vaccinations. Do not neglect this fact. It is difficult and requires much time, but it is health and life of your pet, which are concerned. The beginners in the Caucasian Mountain dogs` breeding must understand that life of a puppy is incredibly fragile. In some cases, a puppy of Shepherd dog can die during a couple of days from a malicious virus.

The dog must originally be healthy

It is worth paying attention to the fact that all the vaccinations are done only if your dog is healthy, doesn`t have any illness at the very moment of inoculation. When the puppy does not have loose bowels, vomiting, or high temperature. Otherwise, extremely negative implications can arise. Note, by the way, that normal temperature of a Shepherd dog is 38, 5 degrees.

Vaccination against plague

Ideal time for vaccination against plague is when the dog is aged from 8 to 13 weeks. It is not worth taking anything earlier because immunity of your little Shepherd puppy has not yet been built up. If you are late with thus vaccination, your Shepherd dog puppy can have problems with teeth. The teeth can become darker, enamel will start to be lost, the fact that caries will come is not excluded. The vaccinations against plague are a not one-time action. The pup must be again shown to a veterinarian at the age of 7 months. Then you should vaccinate your pet against plague once a year.

Vaccination against parvoviral enteritis

Parvoviral enteritis is one more disaster for a Shepherd dog. The vaccination should be done before a dog is in the age of 1, 5 — 2 months. Because of a weak immunity of a puppy, one needs to apply first vaccine with dead viruses. And on the 10-11th week of your puppy`s life it is essential to inject a «live» vaccine.

Prevent hydrophobia

Of course, one can not forget about such a disease as dogs’ hydrophobia. Not vaccinated dogs become inadequate and dangerous for people. The first vaccination of your Shepherd dog cub against hydrophobia should be at the age of six months. Then such a vaccination must be made annually.

Vaccines in a combination

What vaccinations are made to Shepherd dogs besides the enumerated ones? At around the same time a vaccination against hepatitis must take place. However, separate vaccinations against hepatitis are not made any more. It belongs to vaccines working against several infections at once. Numerous import vaccines are produced precisely on such a principle. In different combinations, they save your pets from such diseases as plague, parainfluenza, an adenovirus, parvoviral enteritis, leptospirosis, and the same hepatitis.

Vaccines for dogs

Nobi-vac L – the liquid inactivated vaccine against leptospirosis.

Nobi-vac R – the liquid inactivated vaccine against hydrophobia.

Nobi-vac DHP – the lyophilized vaccine against plague, para viral enteritis and hepatitis.

Nobi-vac DHP+LR – vaccine against plague, para viral enteritis, hepatitis (bottle with the lyophilized component DYUP) and leptospirosis (bottle with the liquid component L).

Nobi-vac DHPPi- the lyophilized vaccine against plague, para viral enteritis, hepatitis and parainfluenza.

Nobi-vach DHPPi+ L – vaccine against plague, para viral enteritis, hepatitis, parainfluenza (bottle with the lyophilized component DНРРi) and leptospirosis (bottle with the liquid component L).

Nobi-vach DHPPi+ LR – vaccine against plague, para viral enteritis, hepatitis, parainfluenza (bottle with the lyophilized component DНРРi) leptospirosis and hydrophobia (bottle with the liquid component L two bottles with the liquid components L and R).

Puppies must be inoculated in 1 month – 3 times (see diagram) or in 1,5 months – 2 times.

After of the teeth change repeat re-vaccination in 6 months, because the teeth change almost completely weakens/attenuates immunity, and adolescent becomes defenseless. In order not to lose the puppy compulsorily inculcate it, is better twice with the interval of 14-21 days.

Vaccination of caucasian shepherd puppies and dogs

Recommended diagram of vaccination.

First vaccination

Revaccination in age

6-9 weeks

10-12 weeks

14 weeks

4-6 weeks


DHP+ L (R) DHPPi+ L (R)

DHPPi+ L (R) DHP+ L (R

6-9 weeks

DHP+ L (R) DHPPi+ L (R)

DHPPi+ L (R)

12 weeks

DHP+ L (R) DHPPi+ L (R)



Adult dogs are proposed to be vaccinated one time per year, including vaccination from the hydrophobia, I recommend to do this in spring.

If in the nursery is the burst of plague, hepatitis, enteritis, etc., immediately vaccinate all puppies and young dogs regardless of the fact that they are already vaccinated. Excess vaccine will only protect them and will preserve from infection. Remarkable veterinarian Dr. Mitin recommends this method. I also do this and greatly recommend it. Result is splendid!

Side effects

Every owner must remember that there are side effects – sluggishness, a decrease of appetite, slightly high temperature – appear after application of many vaccines. Nevertheless, it is not worth being anxious. It is not worth to fear to take your puppy for a vaccination. There is an incorrect point of view that a puppy falls ill from a vaccine. It is wrong. Usually it happens if the Shepherd dog has already been infected or got chilled.

Of course, only qualified specialists must make all vaccinations. Select an accredited clinic, which has credibility and a large experience— and everything will be good.

Vaccination of caucasian shepherd puppies and dogs

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