Vitamins and minerals for caucasian mountain dogs

Caucasian Shepherd dogs and puppies need special vitamins for normal vital activity. Such vitamins are not always present in a sufficient amount in feeds. It is especially relevant if you give to your dog natural not highest-grade food or dry feed. It is better to use special complexes of vitamins intended just for the Shepherd dogs or their puppies.

Why are the vitamins extremely important for shepherd dog puppies?

While the period of active growth of a Shepherd dog puppy his musculoskeletal system is being formed. It is connected with the fact that such large dogs grow and put on weight too fast. It is accompanied by some clumsiness – all the body parts grow unevenly. In addition, during the first year of a dog’s life joints of legs take the highest load.

If puppies of Shepherd dog are not supported during this period, this may lead to serious and terminal diseases. Therefore, for the correct development of a puppy you should never give up on mineral extra nutrition, which consists of phosphorus and calcium compounds:

  • calcium
  • chondroitin sulfate
  • phosphorus
  • glucosamin

They are responsible for stability and strength of the skeleton. The special vitamin complexes help a Shepherd dog puppy to form more quickly and correctly. In the first place, these are complexes containing glucosamine.

In addition, the vitamins with adding of gelatin especially for puppies prevent from a joint and ligament injury.

You can also give a puppy mineral nutrition in tablets: calcium gluconate and calcium glycerophosphate. They must be given in big quantities: a 1-month puppy should get 2 tablets a day; in two months – 4 tablets a day, three months` puppy – 6 tables a day, every month increase a dose by 2 tablets.

The vitamins for Caucasian mountain puppies are usually produced with adding of natural supplements completed with useful microelements. For example, beer yeast normalizes the metabolism of puppies, revitalizes the hair and the skin.

Picking of sea algae or brown seaweed contains a large group of the vitamins which make denser the pigment of a Shepherd dog`s hair color. Dried carrot is significantly improving the hair pigmentation. Garlic drugs destructively affect the ectoparasites and the helminthes.

Don’t forget about such vitamins, as:

  • vitamin С or ascorbic acid, which can be found in liver, hypothesis, adrenal glands, crystalline lenses of eyes, fermented mare`s milk;
  • vitamin D, which is contained in fish-oil;
  • vitamin Е (tocopherol), which is in greens, in liver, in plant fats;
  • vitamin K: green part of plants and fish flour are reach in it;
  • vitamin A or carotene is contained in the sea fish liver, in the beef and pork liver, in eggs` yolks, in carrot, beetroot, squash;
  • vitamin B or thiamine is contained in root vegetables, fruit, pulses, liver, kidneys, heart;
  • vitamin B2 or riboflavin, which is in baker or beer dry yeast, liver, kidneys and heart;
  • vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is contained in yeast, cereals, liver, fish, eggs;
  • vitamin РР or niacin; folic acid, which is in yeast, green leaves of plants;
  • vitamin В12 or cyan cobalamin contained in milk, eggs, liver, kidneys;
  • vitamin В3 or pantothenic acid is in beer or baker’s yeast, liver, yolk of eggs, rice, carrot, cabbage, potatoes.

I recommend vitamins ЕХСЕL by a brand 8-in-1 (8 in 1 Pet Products GmbH, Germany) and the vitamin feeding of the same brand 8-in-1 Calcidee. It is necessary to strictly observe instruction of application, but not on all packings it is printed. Therefore I practice the tested method of giving 8-in-1 Calcidee to puppies of the large breed: 1 tablet per 2,5 kg of the dog’s weight.

I also recommend as a preventive treatment of rachitis, bone disease 8-in-1 Glucosamine for  regeneration of articulate cartilage, tendons, connective tissue and skin. This medication ensures contribution of the hydrolyzate of gelatin or collagen and gives favorable influence on the regeneration of connective tissue of supporting-motor apparatus.

Indications: For preventive maintenance and treating the disturbances in the supporting-motor system of dogs:

  • diseases of paws;
  • for the regeneration of articulate cartilage;
  • with the damages of tendons and their illnesses;
  • with dysplasia;

Dosages: give daily in accordance with the mass of dog from the calculation 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.

Preparation cannot be overdozed, it can be used continuously. Dosage in the beginning of treatment can be increased twice.

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Vitamins and minerals for caucasian mountain dogs

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